Monday, September 26, 2011

Torn Meniscus

Tim & his lovely wife Kristie
A good friend of mine at work (Tim) told me of one of his wife's friends (Gina) who had recently suffered a fall from a ladder. Evidently the way in which she landed caused some painful damage to her knee. She went to the doctor and he suspected a torn meniscus. Me, not being very adept in human anatomy (I'm an electronics engineer) had to look that up. She was suffering quite a bit of pain from this injury. Tim told her he could get me to come and lay hands on her and Jesus would heal her. So, Tim and I worked out that we could travel to her house during lunchtime and pray for her.

When we arrived at her house she yelled from the couch and invited us in. Her dog greeted us suspiciously and warmed up to us immediately. She was seated on the end of her couch with her left leg propped up and an ice pack both over and under her knee. A walker was standing beside her. Tim introduced us and I sat down in the chair beside her. She had been using a cane since the injury, but her next-door neighbor (a sweet 93-year-old woman) had given her the walker thinking it would be easier on her.

Gina told us that before being hurt in the fall, she was up late one night and noticed 3 young men trying to break into the elderly lady's garage! Without thinking she ran across the street yelling and scared them off! I was thinking, Wow, that's pretty brave considering she didn't have a weapon! Of course, when the police finally arrived, they counseled her never to do such a thing again; it was dangerous.

I then began to share with Gina a very simple message; that the Jesus of the Bible loved her and wanted her healed. I could tell she was doubtful. Nevertheless, as Paul tells us, "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes" (Romans 1:16). This little bit of 30-second gospel already put her in tears. I shared with her that I was there to do His works on His behalf based on John 14:12: "he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also." I explained I was going to lay hands on her knee and Jesus was going to heal her. She accepted. I asked her to remove the ice pack from the top of her knee, then I placed my hand on her knee and commanded it to heal in Jesus' Name. Immediately, I felt heat begin to build up in her kneecap and surrounding regions. "Do you feel that?" I asked. She said, "It's getting warm." I explained this was a good sign that we were connected to the Invisible God and He was healing her knee. She began to weep.

After recovering from crying, she asked, "Could it be that God doesn't always heal?" I explained that that was a possibility, but, not if I looked at the Jesus of the Bible. There are other Jesus' preached on Sundays, but they are not necessarily the Jesus of the gospels. I explained that if all I have to go on is the Jesus of the Bible as my example, then He healed all that ever came to Him never turning anyone away. Thus the inevitable conclusion is simple: God revealed it was ALWAYS time to heal the sick. When? When they are sick, of course! More tears.

She asked, "Could it be possible that I caused this myself and He was teaching me a lesson?" A common question. I explained that, of course, she could be the cause of this, but God was not punishing her. I asked her if she had children. "A son." she replied. I asked, "Would you teach your son a lesson by pushing him off a ladder?" Immediately she said, "Of course not!" Then I quoted:
If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! (Matthew 7:11).
I explained that God loves her AT LEAST as much as she loves her son! More tears.

But then I was suddenly reminded of the story she told me at the beginning of our conversation where she had run 3 thieves off from her neighbor's house. So I reminded her of her story. Then I asked, "What if your neighbor had left her garage door unlocked. Would that have given the thieves a right to rob her?" Again she said, "Of course not!" I said, "So, you're telling me that even if she had left the garage door open, the thieves would still have been breaking the law if they just merely walked in and took stuff?" Then she got it. She said, "Are you saying that even if I opened the door to the devil and he pushed me off the ladder that it is still illegal in God's eyes?" I said, "That is EXACTLY what I'm saying." More tears. Then I quoted:
The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (John 10:10).
I still had my hand on her knee, and suddenly I felt tingling in my hand. And I felt things in her knee moving around! She gasped and said she felt something move and that feelings were shooting up and down through her leg. I rarely feel anything at all, except heat coming from the part of the body being healed. But this time I was sensing a steady tingling almost like a mild steady electrical shock. It was almost uncomfortable. I told her and Tim I was feeling it.

She then asked, "I used to go to a church that believed in tongues. Do you believe we should speak in tongues?" Obviously, she was thinking I must know these answers since God was using me to heal her. Well, I'd like to think that I was special and had all the answers, but if you knew me (I told her) or could talk to my wife you'd really understand God's grace and why Jesus said ANY believer can do these things. So I merely told her to look at the Jesus of the Bible. I said, "Question all doctrines that do not include the Jesus of the Bible. So," I asked her, "ask yourself, 'Did the Jesus of the Bible say anything about tongues?' And if He did, then you need to see what He said. If He didn't then don't worry about it too much. Obviously it was less important than the stuff He DID reveal that He did. Understand?" She did. "Jesus did say something about tongues. He said, 'He that believes... will speak with new tongues.' So, yes, it is certainly possible that folks speak in tongues."

By this time there was significant change in her knee. The pain, she said, was now totally gone. She still, however, felt a tightness on the back of her calf muscle. I asked her to remove the ice pack from under her knee, placed my hand there and commanded the stiffness to leave. There was a knot on her calf that suddenly disappeared in a matter of minutes. She couldn't find it, and the tightness loosened a bit. More tears!

By this time, we had been there probably 45 minutes and it was time to get back to work. She got up slowly and stood. Then she gingerly began to put weight on her leg. More tears! LOL. The heart-job Jesus was doing to this woman was amazing. She gently walked to the TV and back to the couch. She put her hands over her mouth and said, "I can't believe it!" She walked several more times back and forth; all without her cane and all without her walker. Praise Jesus! Thank You Father!

She walked us to the door crying and hugging me and Tim. Tim had never seen anything like this before either. He was very moved and close to tears several times during all this. She thanked us and Jesus over and over.

I could tell she wasn't 100% healed, but perhaps as close as 95%. Wow. What fun! When we got back in the car, Tim said, "I can see how this could get addicting."

Amen... addicted to Jesus; addicted to being His channel of healing... AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

UPDATE (01-Oct-2011): Gina requested Tim & I return and lay hands on her again. We arrived to discover she was feeling very good and she had returned to work, but staying on her feet all day made her knee sore. Laid hands on her again and got localized heat again in spots on her knee. Gina felt more sensations and "things moving around" as we prayed. Left her again, pain free and more confidence that Jesus would continue to heal all the way to 100%. Amen!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kidney Infection, Odd Symptoms & Back Pain

Kidney Infection
Last week, my daughter, Kayla, came home with symptoms of a kidney infection. My wife, TammyM, took her to the little Med Center near us and had her tested. Sure enough. So, when I came home, we were all eating supper and she asked me to lay hands on her because of the pain. If you ever get the chance to lay hands on my youngest daughter, do so; she receives from Father God so easily!

I laid hands on her after supper and the left side lower back got a hot spot immediately. Then she said she felt cold surge through a few times. There was very little discomfort left after a few minutes and she went to bed and slept very well. She faithfully took her antibiotics and she was completely well in a couple of days. Notice, I did not say anything. I did this on purpose because the scripture says simply that believers would lay hands on the sick and the sick would recover. Jesus is amazing!

Odd Symptoms
I had a person I had never met contact me on Facebook because he found my name from a list of people who believed in healing. He asked to meet me since he lived so close by. We finally ended up meeting at lunchtime in a Food City parking lot near where I work. He (Jeremy) was a believer and even attended a church that believed in healing, but had had no success. Turns out he had suffered some form of skin cancer years ago and had been healed. This time he had swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen and odd symptoms of coughing. His cough, he said, was not right, and there was pressure in his chest.

I laid hands on him and commanded his healing in Jesus' Name and nothing happened that we could tell. His symptoms were so odd and immeasurable it was hard to test if anything noticeable had happened. I hate to leave folks with no indications because they are usually struggling in their faith that God heals in the first place. So I asked his permission to lay hands and command healing several more times. Finally, after about a dozen times of talking and doing this, he felt something change. I told him to just measure it over the next day or so and see if his symptom set changed and we'd get together again if necessary.

The next day he contacted me via text message and said his symptom set definitely changed! Wonderful Jesus. Even when we can't measure the progress, He is at work. He certainly wants to get together again for another "dose" of Jesus. Amen!

Back Pain
Jennifer & Our Mom
As a family we often get together and learn songs that we end up singing at churches around the area and other musical events. We're not accomplished musicians, but we won't hurt your ears most of the time. :) So, getting together with the family I discovered my younger sister, Jennifer, was having back pain. She couldn't get up and down from the couch without pain, nor get in and out of her car without trouble.

So after practice, I had her stand in the middle of the living room and was going to get everybody around her to lay hands on her and command her back to be healed. But before I could get everybody together, she felt God's power manifest in her back in the form of heat. This is so awesome that Jesus starts things while we think we're getting ready for Him. LOL! All He has ever needed in scripture is for folks to just move toward Him with a mere mustard-seed-sized faith (i.e. the smallest object Jesus could've held in His hand in that society). So, all we did was get near her and put our hands on her so we could feel the "fire of God" burn in her back. Awesome. After about 15 minutes of "burning" she walked over and sat on the couch and got back up without pain!

Awesome Jesus. I love it when He "jumps the gun" on us!