Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23-Nov-2009 (Mon) - Back Healing Confirmed

Back in July [see here], a man came into my office with a back brace on. I had laid hands on him and he had felt the heat of healing flow into his back and relieve his pain. That weekend, Dr. Roger Sapp came to Cornerstone Church to teach a healing seminar, and this gentleman showed up there. As I expected, Dr. Sapp called for people with back problems to come up front, and this man that came to my office the day before, went up for prayer. Roger prayed for him in front of the whole church, and he received healing.

Yesterday, this man returned to my office just to tell me that since prayer for his back, he has not had any trouble or pain from that since. He said, "It's like I got a new one."


20-Nov-2009 (Fri) - Toe Pain Gone

I've been remodeling my kitchen of late, and I'm nearly finished, so various members of our family have come by at various times to look at it. Last night, my wife's brother (Tim) & his wife (Annette) came by to check things out. Tim also brought me a dog kennel for our new puppy (Molly). Annette had had a toenail removed because it was severely ingrown, so she was on one shoe limping and in pain. So as she was leaving, I said, "Annette, before you go, let's try something. Can I pray for your toe?" She agreed. I put my hands on her foot and said, "Toe, I command you to be completely whole right now. Pain, leave." (Very casual). I said, "What's up?" She said, "What do you mean?" LOL... I said, "You should be feeling some heat in there right now." Her eyes got big and she looked back at my wife and over at her husband, "Oh wow. I do feel it!" I asked, "Does it hurt any more?" She checked it. Put pressure on it. Stepped on it. Her mouth dropped open, "It doesn't hurt!" She kept saying, "That's crazy." I hugged her neck and told her it was the power of God, that He bore her pain, and didn't want her suffering.

Jesus cares about toenails!

19-Nov-2009 (Thu) - Reggie's Testimony

I received the following forwarded e-mail from my friend (GregC) written by the man (Reggie) we prayed for over the phone yesterday:
“...I like to document things in my life and this is one path that I have to document. I do still see the goiters in my neck, but it isn't the same. I'm not sure what though. It feels smaller, but it looks the same. This is work in progress I suppose. However, this is exactly what I needed--it's the way my head works--at least for now.

“I was watching the Todd White videos. [see GodSquad video links to the right] Amazing! I can't express how much I needed that. I hear ministers talk all of the time about healing and I sometimes watch the healing services. I wanted to experience it/see it up close and personal. It appears that you guys live this thing. Regular people who trusts God to effect such changes.

“I know it's simply, but you got to understand that I tell people that programming is simple. LOL! It's simply when you 'get it' and the light bulbs go off so to speak. There is a hope in me that I haven't had for a looooong time. Even though God has been working miraculously in my life. It's all good now though.

“...I desire to be totally healed from my thyroid issues, which I now believe I receive, my prostate issue, my eye issue, and my head lol. Though the 'dark ages' are over I still remember stuff that scares me sometimes. It's not really that bad--just relative to where I was.

“I'll keep you posted.”
Reggie has experienced the Living Jesus in a new way!

18-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Thyroid Swelling Shrinks & Vision Improves

My friend (GregC) [see pic left] chatted me on FB today and said he had worked it out so that a newcomer to the Christian Healing Forum (http://www.christianhealingforum.com) by the name Reggie, was going to call him today at 11:45am for prayer for 3 things; thyroid problems, floaters on his eyes that obstructed his vision, and potential prostate cancer. GregC asked me if I wanted to “tag team” Reggie, with his permission. GregC and I agreed on a passage of scripture, that Father was going to do what we asked because he and I believed the same together:
Matthew 18
19 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.
Reggie [see pic right] called GregC and agreed, so GregC conferenced me in on the call. Reggie was actually more interested in getting healing working in his life for other people than actually getting healed himself. We could tell he had a big heart. Spoke much to him about scripture and how Jesus is the only example of Father God. We could also tell he knew the scriptures well. We asked him if the things he was suffering under, if something changed right away, would he be able to tell it. He said definitely, especially his thyroid gland. He said his neck was really swollen all around, but he could feel a large swollen place on one side, and a smaller one on the other. Also there was a spot in the middle of his throat that was also swollen. He said his eyes, particularly one of them, had permanent floaters on it that distorted and obscured his vision; especially far away vision. He also was diagnosed with a higher-than-normal rating used to measure for prostate cancer; but no symptoms there.

I told Reggie he was going to feel something happen, just because that is the way Jesus did things. It was way more common in Jesus' ministry to get people healed by miracles than it was to get them well over a longer stretch of time. GregC said, “Well, let's just show him.” So he had Reggie put his hand on his throat and we rebuked the swelling and commanded the thyroid to function properly. I then asked, “What's going on, Reggie?” He said something like, “Wow. I feel some kind of sensation I can't explain.” I asked, “What is it? Tingling? Heat?” He said, “Some kind of tingling, yes, but just something.” GregC asked, “Is the swelling gone?” Reggie answered, “Wow. It actually has changed. The one that was really huge seems to be gone! The other one has shrunk. The one in front is smaller too!” Praise to Father God. He was really moved by this. He said, “I'd have to look in the mirror to see.” I don't know if he did or not. We wanted to get the whole thing gone for him, so we rebuked the swelling again and commanded healing. After a few minutes, Reggie could freely move his neck around without any feeling of tightness, and the swellings on the side were gone. The one in the middle had significantly shrunk. I really wanted him to walk away with something tangible because, like me, Reggie was very analytical (he's an IT engineer), so I asked him, “Can you hang up from this conversation on the phone and say nothing happened? Or will you hang up from this conversation and be able to know that Jesus really is real and heals when we ask?” He said, “Oh, it's real alright.”

GregC also led prayer for total healing in Reggie's body including the prostate. There was no sensation that he could tell, but since the readings were only slightly above normal, we believe the next time he goes for his checkup, they will be normal.

Then, we prayed for his eyes to clear and the floaters to be removed. When Reggie opened his eyes, he said he believed the floaters were gone!

We small-talked a bit more, got each other's contact information and hung up.

Later that day, when we became “friends” on Facebook, I discovered his name was William Cunningham and he was a pastor! Me nor GregC had any idea. He had ministry websites as well, and you could tell he studied the Word quite a bit and had written quite a few articles, and even published some of his preaching online.

Jesus is so awesome!

Friday, November 13, 2009

12-Nov-2009 - Blood Pressure Back to Normal

Chatted my cousin (John) [see pic of Finn (his nephew) & John right] on Facebook today. He had a bad “blood-pressure headache” that reveals itself as severe pain and pressure at the base of his skull. I told him about my brother-in-law's experience with this when we were on vacation (see 19-Jul-2009). Then I commanded the pain to leave and the blood pressure to return to normal over chat! I've been experimenting with this and having good success! Crazy, I know, but I'm learning the medium doesn't matter to Father. He felt Father's peace, but not immediate relief, but in a matter of minutes after going offline with him, I got a message in Facebook that read, “Headache now gone, 3:35pm thursday afternoon, 11/12/09.” Healing through chat works!

11-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Shoulder Pain & Skin Lesion

At Bible Study tonight, my mom (Janice) [see pic of my daughter Karahann & my mom right] had to leave early, but she wanted prayer for a skin lesion that she found on her scalp. The doctor had observed it and didn't like it, so he wanted to have it removed. It was very small, but it was a lump and dark in color. I also know that my mom had some troubles with her left shoulder. So, I asked her about her shoulder and the lesion, and while she began to tell me, I simply put my hands on her back while she talked. I didn't command anything, but I was conscious of her shoulder. After she finished telling me what she needed to, I simply said, “Now check your shoulder.” All the pain was gone and I hadn't prayed or commanded. I saw it simply as, “...they will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed” (Mark 16:18). This verse doesn't say anything about prayer or saying anything! Then everybody laid their hands on my mom, and I put my finger on the lesion and commanded it to leave. The area around it got noticeably warm. She checked it a few minutes later and though it was still dark in color, it was no longer a raised lump!

04-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Confirmation of Healing of Scoliosis

My younger sister (Jennifer) [see pic right] chatted me on AOL today and told me she took her oldest daughter (Hannah) [see pic left] to the doctor for her physical. After the normal procedures, the doctor said, "OK, Hannah, take off your shoes and let's check your back." The reason-being, she knew Hannah had scoliosis. But before the doc checked, Hannah & Jennifer shared with her about what happened back in July (see 19-Jul-2009). We had laid hands on Hannah and felt her spine move! The doctor listened patiently and then said, “Well, let's see.” So Hannah removed her shoes and the doctor checked her back. She said, “Wow, it certainly is much better. Let's check your hip alignment.” The reason-being, the last time Hannah was at the doctor, the doctor showed them how Hannah's hips were misaligned, and this was what concerned her about the scoliosis. The doctor checked her hip alignment and said in surprise, “Hannah! Your hips are not misaligned anymore!” She explained that this was very unusual, and this made her say, “Well, I'm not concerned about the scoliosis any longer. You know, we doctors really do not give enough credit to prayer and faith these days; but we should.” Amen. Hannah and Jennifer were both very excited at the confirmation!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

03-Nov-2009 (Tue): Fever Blister Pain

Just before bedtime, my youngest daughter (Kayla) [see pic right] said, "Dad, take the pain of this fever blister away." It had started hurting again. I put my finger on her lip and said, "Jesus bore all this pain." It immediately started tingling again, and went numb; no pain! Fascinating.

Monday, November 2, 2009

02-Nov-2009 (Mon): Pain & Cancer

My older sister (TammyC) chatted me today on AOL while I was at work and said that an old high-school friend (Syvella) [see pic of Syvella & TammyC right] called her and was in town visiting her aunt (Judy) who had just gotten word that she had cancer. There was a tumor and the doctors feared it may have metastasized to other organs from some point, which they don't know yet. Syvella said they were still in the emergency room waiting for an admission room. TammyC had got to catch up with Syvella a few weeks ago and ended up talking to her about Jesus. So, Syvella wanted us to come and pray for her aunt Judy.

My girls were all busy: my youngest (Kayla) was teaching clogging and my wife (TammyM) and 2 other older daughters (Karahann, Kimberly) had driven to Knoxville, TN to shop for Kimberly's birthday (which was yesterday). So it was a good opportunity to go right after work.

I met TammyC at the emergency room and Syvella took us to Judy's temporary room. In the room with her was her husband (Jimmy), son (Jimbo) and her sister (Helen). What wonderful people! They were all in high spirits. Judy had been given some medicine for pain some time ago which she confessed help lift her spirits. Before I saw an opportunity to break in and get things started, a minister from Helen's church came in. He began to encourage Judy about what doctors can do these days, and that Judy had an advantage because she believed in Jesus. Then he had us all hold hands in a circle and said, "If anyone wants to start out, I'll close." So, Judy's husband, Jimmy, began to pray. You could hear the sincerity, love and desperation. But he quoted a scripture saying, "By His stripes we are healed." Interesting. Then the minister prayed. As is not uncommon, he prayed something useless like, "Lord, if it be Thy will, we humbly ask Thee to heal Judy's body..." and then asked that God guide the hands of the surgeon and that the operation be carried out tomorrow. Then he said "Amen" and broke out in a chorus of Amazing Grace. We all joined in. Judy's singing voice was beautiful. He left without saying goodbye to anyone.

This was a good opportunity. I confessed I didn't pray like that because I know what God's will for Judy is. I sat next to Judy and told her Jesus was here to heal her. I told them all that the Jesus of the Bible healed all in a multitude 100% of the time; He never made anyone keep their sickness. I told them that cancer and disease is never from God; that it is demonic. I also gave the testimony of my daughter (Kimberly's) healing as an infant and how I had discovered Jesus as the Healer. I then emphasized that when we pray for Judy something good is going to happen and she is going to feel something. I asked Judy if she was hurting anywhere and she said she was, that the pain medicine was wearing off and she was feeling pain in her abdomen again. We all put our hands on her and I thanked God for her and then rebuked cancer and pain. I asked her, "Do you feel anything?" She said, "Yes! All the pain is gone!" Just like that. Thank You, Lord for your sweet care for Judy. Judy could feel His presence, and so could the others. There were a few tears and sobs.

Afterward, Jimmy, Jimbo, Helen, Judy & Syvella all hugged me many times and thanked the Lord for sending me. I encouraged them and then offered to come back if they wanted me to. When I left there was a man & woman on staff who came in to take some blood.

Looking forward to some good reports!

After I got home and all my girls were there, Kayla asked for me to pray for a fever blister on her upper lip. I did. I asked, "Do you feel it tingling?" She said, "Yes, it is now numb! I'm not kidding!" We didn't notice any physical change, but numbness was a relief.