Friday, March 19, 2010

19-Mar-2010 (Fri) - Skeptic Feels Jesus; Unexpected Encounter

Yesterday (Thu, 18-Mar-2010), I took my normal business trip (by car, 5hrs there, work a while, 5hrs back). One of my business friends, whom I've known for some time, is basically an unbeliever. He was raised being exposed to pentecostal beliefs and people, but became offended by all of it and became a skeptic. He is a very sweet man and very genuine, a good friend. One month ago, when I visited on my regular trip, he had injured his back exercising, and he was in quite a bit of pain. I offered to lay my hands on him telling him, "I believe if I do this, Jesus will heal your back and relieve you of your pain right away." He basically replied with something like, "If you are going to lay your hands on me like my grandmother would, then I'm going to vigorously decline." I reminded him that he knew me and made him this offer: "If I lay hands on you and nothing happens, you can make fun of me. If I lay hands on you and something does happen, you will be out of pain. It is a win-win situation for you!" This seemed to tickle him, and he responded something like: "I admire your boldness and I know you are sincere. So, if I'm not better by the next time you visit, I'll take you up on your offer."

So, on my trip yesterday he specifically asked me to make sure I dropped by his office before leaving. I did. He then asked me to go ahead and try it. I laid my hands on him and very quietly and casually commanded his back to be made well. I could feel his back heating up in one spot. "Do you feel that?" He did. I asked him to test it. He did. "Does it feel any better?" He said, "Do I have to commit?" LOL! I said, "No, just asking if it got any better." He said, "I'll have to admit that it doesn't hurt like it did. Something has changed, but I'll let you know." I'll take that! I could tell he was dealing with the reality of it all. Go Jesus!

Next, I had made a friend on a forum a couple of weeks ago, and he had mentioned he was praying with an elderly lady (Doris) from a certain town in Georgia. I mentioned that I drive right through there every 2 weeks. So he asked me if I would mind laying hands on her and praying with her. I contacted Doris, and she agreed to meet me at a McDonalds in that town. So, yesterday (Thu, 18-Mar-2010), I met her on my way home. She brought a friend (Cindy) who was a little older than me as well and who also needed prayer. We talked about 30 minutes about Jesus and healing.

Cindy had been to a healing/deliverance facility and had been given by the minister there things that she needed to do in order to get healed and delivered, but she had done everything that minister told her to do and was none better. So I told Cindy if we could get in a time machine and go back 2000 years ago and stand in the crowd listening to Jesus, that Jesus would've just healed her and not given her a list of things to do because He never did that as shown in any scripture in the New Testament. I could tell this really touched her heart. She was suffering from depression and neck and spine issues. I laid hands on her and commanded her spine to be healed and depression to leave. Her neck and shoulders got very warm; she could feel it. Before I left, she had much relief from pain and stiffness. In fact I asked her to try to find the pain (she had shown me how if she pressed on a certain area it was extremely painful). She couldn't find it! Wonderful Jesus! This really surprised her and I could tell her heart was lifted. She was smiling and even gave me a hug.

Doris was suffering from diabetes and a lower back problem. Her back hurt her if she stood too long (several minutes). She also said she had psoriasis (very itchy skin rash). I laid hands on her back and it got warm in one spot down low. We couldn't really test it because it requires her standing a long time, so she said she'd let me know. I told her to go home and stand in front of the sink and wash the dishes (she'd mentioned that was when it hurt). She said she would. Then I took her hands and commanded psoriasis to leave her body and never come back. She felt a little sensation, she said. Then I commanded diabetes to depart her body and for all insulin levels to return to normal (the night before her sugar had been 400+!). Suddenly she felt very cold all over! She was so cold her teeth were chattering. I've never heard that before, but it made sense that it was all over her body. Of course, there was no way to test her sugar level at that moment, but she certainly felt something. She said she'd let me know about that as well. I'm sure Jesus was at work healing her body.

Praise Him for His always wonderful faithfulness and work!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

09-Mar-2010 (Tue) - More than a healing

Last night, Monday, 08-Mar-2010, me and my sister (TammyC) went to a lady's house to lay hands on her. I had prayed with her once before on Saturday, 27-Feb-2010. On that day this is what happened:

On 27-Feb-2010, me & my family attended dad's memorial show (Leon Kiser Memorial Tribute Show). It is a celebration of bluegrass & mountain music in our area. Two or 3 people are honored for their contribution to the traditional music. All proceeds go to a scholarship at a local college. In case you don't know, Bristol, TN, (not Nashville) is the birthplace of country music (as acknowledged by the US government and the Smithsonian Institute). My dad helped get that established before he died. (see Bristol, TN & Leon Kiser). Normally, me & my family open up the show with a couple of songs in honor of my dad. But his year, me & my wife (TammyM) just couldn't do it because that very same day we laid my mother-in-law's body in the grave. But, my girls (Kimberly, Karahann & Kayla), my niece (Hannah) & my big sister (TammyC) [see pic above], however, did do a couple of songs to open the show. My wife and I just wanted to see the girls and then go backstage to thank some people and leave. It was a very hard day.

So, while we were thanking certain people for all their help during this time of my mother-in-law's sickness, I saw an elderly lady on a cane that I knew. I knew she had severe back troubles and she had asked that me and my sister come and lay hands on her earlier this week, but I was not able to do so. She walked up and hugged us [see pic right]. As she was talking to my sister & wife, I just put my hand on the small of her back. She asked, "Are you praying for me?" I said, "Yes ma'am I am. Do you feel that?" I hadn't said anything at all as far as praying goes. I told her Jesus was working on her back and she would certainly feel something in a second or so. She did. So much so, that she said, "I'm gonna need a chair. I can hardly stand up." We got her a chair and I left my hand on her for about 10 minutes. I told her this healing belonged to her because of what Jesus had done for her.

I had to leave, so I didn't get to stay much longer with her. Her back got very hot and was still very hot when I left. I had her stand up and test it out. She burst into tears right there in front of all the musicians backstage. Some were watching with great interest. I asked one lady to come over and feel Jesus working. She was amazed too. I told them Jesus must like bluegrass music to show up here and do this... hahahaha! That really tickled them all.

I knew she hadn't gotten it all, but wow, it was amazing. I just learned that she actually lives very near me, so I planned on paying her another visit laying hands on her again. The next day (Sun, 28-Feb-2010) I got an e-mail from her:
Good Morning Greg

Funny, but I was sitting here thinking of what I wanted to say in this email when your message popped up on FB!

Wonderful things take place at the LKM shows! There have been several special events in my life that have happed back stage on the last Sat in Feb! Other stories for other times.

I know Jesus could heal me totally in a flash, but He is choosing to do this slowly. I am not pain free, but I will be! I did not use the cane the rest of the evening, but after numerous trips up and down the steps, I did need it by the time I left. This morning I am able to get out of bed fairly easily and am walking without the "stick". I have several problems, all working together to control me with pain. My lower back is the worst long term, but right now is causing the least pain, even so the leg problem improved some also.

People were asking "Where is you cane?" Seems every year there is a story to tell about the show.......this year's story is the best by far. God Bless You and your family. I love you folks dearly.
Praise Jesus!

So, here is how our visit to her last night (Monday, 08-Mar-2010) went:

We arrived at her home and I saw her cane stored; she told me she hadn't used it or needed it since that night backstage. She still had a minor bit of "discomfort" in her back, but had severe pain in her left leg. Her left leg from knee to hip was very painful to push on. She would nearly double over with pain if she pushed on it.

We discussed the gospel for a good 30 minutes. My sister and I gave her plenty of testimonies and explained Jesus' goodness and how He perfectly represented our Father. All through this she kept saying, "There is more than just healing going on here. More than you know." I had no idea what she meant, but we continued. The witness of the gospel was very strong to her heart and she was quite emotional talking and listening about Jesus.

We laid hands on her leg (well, technically, she laid hands on her own leg and we put our hands on hers). Her doctors were going to give her shots in her leg today (Tue, 09-Mar-2010) to alleviate the pain. They told her she had arthritis, bursitis among other things. I explained those were just names under the Name of Jesus and there was none of those things in God's Kingdom which was about to touch her.

Her leg got warm and the pain was completely eliminated except in a few little bitty spots. It went from occupying her entire upper leg to a mildly sore spot the size of your finger tip here and there. But during all this I noticed that the lower lumbars of her back got extremely warm (hot even!) and, wow, they remained that way for more than an hour! You could feel the heat off of it without even touching her... just passing your hand by. Also during this time many "electric shocks" would go down her leg. She was in tears much of the time.

I finally got up enough courage to ask her what she meant by "more than healing going on." She finally told me that she had been a very mad and bitter woman toward God for years and years. She blamed Father for her husband's death. I smiled really big, because now I knew what to say. I simply said, "It's hard to be mad at Someone who is healing you, isn't it?" This really moved her. Then I explained the passage about Jesus telling us that we, as parents, know how to give good gifts to our children, and so, therefore, does God. God is not a child abuser. She totally related because, of course, she had children. She realized God did not take her husband from her.

The "more" that was going on was forgiveness! Jesus always amazes me about the things He really DOESN'T care about! He didn't care that she was mad at Him; He healed her anyway.

I got this e-mail from her this morning:
Dear Friends
Thank you both so much for the time you spent with me last night. I slept, but not a lot, although I am rested this morning. I had dreams off and on all night (I don't normally dream).....remember some parts, some is vague, but the both of you were still here. Pain level is still subsiding. I don't understand why it is taking so long, but I really am not questioning, I know the pain will be gone. I have prayed for an answer as to whether to even keep my doctor appointment today. I know I am being healed! no doubt in my mind. I get answers to my prayers, but I have never heard Him tell me to stop speeding......anyway I think I am going to cancel the appointment. I think when I find my "instruction" book and start studying again things will become more clear.
Well I'm not sure I am making a lot of sense, my head and my heart are full and I am excited again for the first time in a long time. Jesus has been a part of my life always, but a lot of the time I don't cooperate, during those times He has always picked me up and carried me.....I think now He wants me back on my own two feet listening to Him. He has brought some incredible people (angels if you may) into my life, especially since April 12, 2006.
I Love you both
PS: almost forgot this.....I woke up once and there was a warm, no hot spot, small about the size of the palm of a hand, on my lower back. I went back to sleep knowing He was still working on me.
The "stop speeding" statement is based on something I said to her. She believed her life was spared once because God had some noble purpose for her life and she still didn't know what it was. I told her a story of right after my daughter was healed, I was high on God and kept asking Him what noble purpose He had for my life. I had visions (not literally) of a big healing ministry, or as a missionary, or travelling evangelist, etc. While driving down the road to work praising Him and asking Him, "What do you want me to do?" ... He spoke to me and simply said, "I want you to do the speed limit." I asked her why she thought God might've said that to me. And she saw immediately that God sucked the wind out of my ego "ministry" sails. Yes! The purpose of my life was to simply be a good husband, and good father, and give others Jesus along the way. LOL! I love Him!

The "instruction book" is an old Bible she recently misplaced.

I have no idea what she means by "April 12, 2006", but her and Jesus do.

Praise Jesus!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

07-Mar-2010 (Sun) - Hip & Back & More

Been a while since last post. Many things have happened in my family, taking away much time. It has been hard on them. My wife's mother (Alta) passed away suddenly 24-Feb-2010 [see pic left, Alta & my daughter, Kimberly]. As you can imagine, with my wife's dad (Bobby) still in rehabilitation after a stroke 13-Dec-2009, it has been very hard on her.

Despite all this, God is taking care of us all, and all things considered, everybody is doing pretty good. I've been going to see Bobby everyday and reading scripture to him and my Smith Wigglesworth Devotional (very powerful). Wednesday (03-Mar-2010), for some reason, I felt strongly that when I went to see him, that someone would show up that needed healing and I would get them healed in front of Bobby as a witness to him. It happened! A man named Jerry showed up to see Bobby while I was reading to him and talking about Jesus. Jerry's church upbringing doesn't lead him to believe in healing & miracles. I prayed with Bobby and nothing happened. But I asked Jerry if there was something physically wrong with him. He denied it at first, but then told me that he had had some trouble with pain in his back and right hip and that the chiropractor told him one leg was shorter than the other. So I asked if I could pray for that anyway even though he was not in pain. He agreed.

I laid my hand on his hip and prayed. I said, "Do you feel that?" (I actually didn't feel anything, but I've learned to ask). A wonderful look of surprise came over him, and he said, "Oh my gosh! My leg feels like it has been dipped in an ice bucket." That's a first for me... never heard "cold" but always "hot." Then it started tingling. He spent some time trying to "convince" us it was really happening. LOL! I know his church has taught him that miracles have passed away, or that they just don't happen like they once did in the Bible... but I wonder what Jerry thinks now.

Anyway, my sister (TammyC) was there and she said to Jerry, "Try it out!" So he did. He was in tears by now as he walked around Bobby's room. He kept saying, "I can't believe this. This is amazing." I looked at Bobby, he was crying too. I told Bobby, "That's what Jesus wants for you." So, we prayed for Bobby again. His shoulder got warm... but not much else happened.

UPDATE (18-Feb-2012): I was in Wal-Mart getting a gift for a little 3-year old girl to take to her party that my family couldn't attend (they were all out of town at a dance competition). I ran into Jerry. He stopped me and we talked casually. But then he got serious for a second. He said, "I've never told you this, but remember when you prayed for my hip?" I had a flood of memories of the above incident. As I was standing there in front of him with these memories flooding my mind, grabbed my hand with both of his and said, "I just want to thank you again for praying for my hip that day. I haven't had any trouble at all out of it since." He was sincere and I was touched. What can you say, but, a weak "You're welcome" and "Give glory to Jesus, He's the Healer. He loves you and that is proof." 

Bobby now has a roommate (Harry, age 74). Harry had a mild stroke and could not move his right side very much. Very weak. He couldn't lift his arm above his shoulder. He and one of his 4 sons witnessed what we were doing with Jerry & Bobby. So I asked if I could pray for him. He agreed, of course. Tammy & her friend (Billie) & I laid hands on him and prayed. I asked if he felt anything. He said the pain left him immediately. Wonderful Jesus! Then I noticed a spot on his abdomen getting warm. I asked what that might be... his son, who was crying by now, said that is where the docs had put a tube into him to drain some bile or something. Obviously Jesus was doing something there.

Thursday (04-Mar-2010), I drove to Georgia on my usual business trip. I listened to Dr. Roger Sapp on some MP3s I had on my Zune. Something he said caught my attention. He said something like, "I never know what I'm going to get when I lay hands on someone. If you get in this all-or-nothing way of thinking, then you usually get nothing. Don't think that way. I never know what I'm going to get when I lay hands on someone, but I believe that I have enough faith to get SOMETHING, and so, I always do. Then if you get part of it, and SOMETHING is different, then you know you are on the road to get 100%. But never despise partial healings." I needed that. I thought, that's what I've been doing wrong with Bobby.

So, that night, I decided to go see Bobby before I went home from my business trip. I read Smith Wigglesworth to him, and then I said, "Now, Bobby, I don't know if we'll get it all, but I do believe we both have enough faith to get something, don't you?" He said, "I absolutely KNOW we can." (Never heard him talk that way!) I thought, there's nothing wrong with his arm & leg... it is a brain injury. So this time I put my hand on the right side of his head and prayed. He immediately said, "Something's tugging on my arm!" I uncovered his left arm, and the muscles in his arm were flexed! He looked down at it and said, "I've never seen it do that before!" It stayed flexed for several seconds... amazing. I asked him to move it. He moved his arm toward his body very slightly and said, "That's the most I've ever been able to move it."

Wonderful Jesus again! I told Bobby I'd be back some more and we'd get some more. I also looked over at his roommate Harry... he had both his right hand and left hands clasped behind his head! He said, "I could move my right hand all the way back today." He told me he couldn't do that before we prayed.

I told my wife (TammyM)... she's excited... so am I. We're gonna see Jesus do this 100%.

So, new advice for training others & yourself: Take Roger's advice... don't go for the whole thing if you can feel it stretching your faith. Instead, KNOW that you have at least faith enough to get SOMETHING... so, just expect SOMETHING GOOD to happen, and boldly proclaim beforehand that something is certainly going to happen and change when you pray... and Father will oblige every time! Amen!

Also, something else that had happened since last post was my wife's sister (Penny's) husband (Tim) was electrocuted on job by 7200 volts. It burned him over 17% of his body, but miraculously, he was not killed, and did not even pass out! I went to the ER to see him and we all laid hands on him and rebuked the pain and asked Father to heal him. His pain nearly disappeared and he didn't even need pain medicine when they put in in the helicopter to take him to the burn center in Augusta, GA. He's spent the whole month of February in a burn center and has amazed doctors at his recovery. He came home this weekend and got to spend some time with his family. I went to see him, and he told me about the whole thing. He said when he was being electrocuted he heard the voice of God say, "No!", as in, "no, you cannot take his life." Plan on seeing him some more and praying with him some more. He is a truly awesome man, and his wife (Penny) has taken better care of him than teams of nurses could ever do. We love them dearly and look forward to his full recovery.