Saturday, December 4, 2010

04-Dec-2010 (Sat) - Sore muscles & Injured Shoulder

On 02-Dec-2010 (Thu) I took my normal biweekly business trip to Georgia, so when I got home I was very tired. However, that week, we had had our wood floors upstairs refinished and hadn't really slept in our beds since Sunday night. We had to move all the furniture out of 2 bedrooms and cram it all into one. But by Thursday, the job was done and I really wanted to put the bedrooms back together and sleep in my bed for a change. So even though I was tired, I wanted to move the furniture and also put a new box springs and mattress on mine & my wife's (TammyM's) bed.

Fortunately, when I arrived, my wife's employer (Sherry) had helped her move all the clothes back already. [see my wife Tammy & Sherry in pic left] And Sherry's son (Chase) and his friend visiting from Florida (Kyle) also came over and moved all the big stuff for me! Very nice. [see pic of Kyle below right] While moving stuff, however, Kyle said he had injured his ribs and shoulder playing football with some younger guys. So, after he was done helping, I asked him about his pain. He said it wasn't that bad and that it would be alright. I offered to pray for him and he agreed. (Yay!)

I just took his hand and placed my other hand on his left shoulder (the injured one) and commanded it to be made whole and for all pain to leave in Jesus' Name. Immediately his shoulder got very hot and he felt it. This one was very hot, amazing! I even hollered at Sherry and asked her to come over and feel the Father's healing heat. We let it "burn" for a few minutes and then I asked him to try it out. He rolled his shoulder around without pain. Yay Jesus! Kyle is a believer but had never experienced healing in this manner, so he was pretty pumped. Chase had seen this kind of thing before (see here) and also told Kyle about a time I had laid hands on him for pain in his chest and arm, they had heated up like that and over a few days he was completely healed.

We talked about Jesus for a while afterward.

Yesterday evening, 03-Dec-2010 (Fri), my youngest daughter Kayla [see Kayla & Karahann in pic left] said her shoulder muscles were very sore from choreographing a new dance using new moves. She sat in the floor in front of me on the couch. I put my hands on her shoulders & back muscles and pushed on them and she squealed in pain. She was indeed very sore. I commanded pain to leave and placed my hands on her back for about 2 seconds and lifted them. She felt some power and then I pushed on them again as before, and the muscle pain was completely gone! Wow. Jesus is amazing. Even when we hurt ourselves, He is faithful to remove our pain.

Next, my middle daughter, Karahann, has really had a tormenting knot in her right back shoulder. We have laid hands on her before several times and she's always gotten some relief. It was bothering her a lot this evening, so she said, "Me next!" So, she sat down in the floor right where Kayla had been. I put my hands on her and was able to find a quarter-sized knot between her right shoulder blade and her spine. It was very sore and very hard.

I laid my hands on her (particularly on that knot) and commanded the knot to dissipate and for her muscles to all relax and for pain to leave. The good thing about this time of laying hands on her was, we were not in a hurry this time. Many times when you pray for people, there is a limited time because people have places they need to go. But here, at home, we were relaxed and had all evening if we wanted. I left my hands on her back for probably 20 minutes or so. The whole time her muscles got very warm and the knot, particularly, got hot.

After about 20 minutes she suddenly felt a cold wave sweep through her back. I felt it under my hand! I have never felt anything like that before. Suddenly we could not find the knot, it was completely gone! She said, "My back hasn't felt this good in months."

Thank You, Jesus.

We would sit in a doctor's office waiting on a doctor for hours, but when it comes to prayer sometimes, we give Doctor Jesus just 3 minutes to get it done. I believe if we would relax and let Jesus "leak" through us to others over a time period, we would see many more breakthroughs and less and less people would go away disappointed.

I'll not forget this lesson on persistence and patience!