Friday, January 15, 2010

15-Jan-2010 (Fri) - Birthday Present

Whew! Well, it has been over a month since I posted something here. Reason being, the family has been very busy going to see my Father-in-Law (Bobby) both in the hospital and now the rehab center and helping my Mother-in-Law (Alta) keep things done at her house, and getting her back and forth. [See pic at left of my daughter Kayla, me, my wife Tammy, my daughter Karahann & Bobby]. I have laid hands on Bobby and prayed with him probably a half dozen times or more. The 1st 3 times I laid hands on him, he would feel God's love and begin to weep. I asked Father about this and I felt in my heart I needed to give Bobby just the basic gospel truth. So next time I was with him I did just that. I asked him if he had something that was bothering about himself, and he said there was and began to cry. But I comforted him with the good news that God loved him. He felt better afterward. This time when I prayed with him he felt some different things in his body.

I met a man on Facebook that is a traveling evangelist (Roger) [see Roger pic right]. He is a very sweet man and since he's had miracles working in his life, I asked him to pray with my Father-in-Law over the phone. I called him while I was visiting Bobby and Roger prayed with us over speaker-phone. As soon as he prayed, Bobby began to weep and reached for his neck. He said he felt intense heat there. A few seconds after we prayed with him my wife (Tammy) still had her hands on him, and suddenly Bobby felt “electricity” shoot up his left leg and down his left arm. Since this time he's had sporadic electrical storms like this. We believe it is God's power.

Wednesday night (13-Jan-2010), me and Alta were the only ones there late, and Alta was trying to get Bobby to move his left leg. He said, “I can't. It's too heavy.” But he tried and tried. I said, “OK, I'm going to do what I know to do. I'm going to lay my hands on you and pray and expect something to happen. OK?” They both agreed, so I did. For the first time praying for him I felt just a slight tingling in my fingertips. So I asked, “Did you feel anything?” He didn't. But I said, “Try to move your leg now.” Immediately his left thigh muscle flexed and he looked over at me and said, “Now it feels lighter.” He could move it a bit!

Tonight, my wife (Tammy) was visiting with him and he was sitting up and in good spirits. Bobby had ask Tammy what she wanted for her birthday (which was today), and she said she wanted him to move his left leg. So my youngest daughter (Kayla) asked him to do it while she videoed it with her phone. To his and everybody's surprise, he moved it several times, more than he's ever moved it! He began to cry. It was the first time he's actually felt like he might fully recover.

It was a perfect birthday present for my Tammy.

During all this time, I have been up and down. Moments of great faith and moments of despair. But each time I have gone to Father and have received what I needed from Him. I feel very strong in faith for Bobby. I believe with all my heart he will completely recover with no ill effects even noticeable. Also, during this time, I have prayed for many people and seen lots of wonderful healings happen right before our eyes. A young lady with a sprained wrist (where she fell on the ice), was healed in a matter of seconds after we prayed. A man with a frozen elbow could move it afterward with no pain. And some smaller ones like a headache, a slight fever and tight muscles all healed in seconds.

Jesus is amazing. Stayed tuned for Bobby's full miraculous recovery. It's happening.

13-Dec-2009 (Sat) - Father-in-Law Has a Stroke

This morning my Father-in-Law (Bobby) [see pic left of my wife's brother Timmy, Father-in-Law Bobby & my daughter Kayla] had a stroke that paralyzed him on his left side. We got there when the EMTs had just arrived and he was laying in the floor near the foot of his bed. His wife (Alta) had heard him yell for help about 8:45am. The EMTs loaded him up in the ambulance and my wife (Tammy) asked me to ride with him. I wanted to get in the back, but they made me ride up in the cab.

When we got to the hospital, they tested him. He couldn't move his arm or leg on his left side. His speech was slurred and he couldn't open his eyes, however, he was completely oriented. The doctors scanned his brain and found a blood clot. They wanted to use an experimental drug (TPA) that thins the blood extremely and can break the clot up. I called all the siblings (Mike, Penny, Timmy & my wife Tammy) in and they made the decision to go ahead. Before administrating the drug I had all the siblings lay hands on him and I prayed commanding healing into his body. Then the TPA drug was administered (which took about 1 hour).

After about 30 minutes, Bobby could lift his left leg and was moving his right shoulder weakly, but he still could not open his eyes. The doctors said the left leg movement was probably only reflex. Alta was in some hip pain in the hall, so I offered to pray for her. In just a few seconds the pain in her hip diminished and she was able to walk around easier. But while she was sitting with Bobby, she started feeling guilty for what was happening. She said, “I believe God is punishing me for the way I've treated Bobby.” Of course, me and my son-in-law (Grant) tried to explain to her God wasn't doing that, but we were getting nowhere fast. I noticed she was having back pain as well. So I said, “Let me show you something, OK?” She agreed. I laid my hand on her back and commanded it to be healed. She immediately felt the heat and the pain was removed. Then I said, “Was that real?” She said, “Yes, of course it was. It doesn't hurt anymore.” I said, “OK, then you and I both know that God is the one that done it, right?” She agreed. I said, “Now then, why would Father God punish you at the same time He heals you? Is He psychotic?” … and I smiled real big. She smiled back and said, “That makes good sense, I see what you mean. I guess God isn't punishing me after all.” It was a relief to her mind.

Now the goal is to get healing to Bobby.