Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30-Mar-2011 (Wed) - More Torn Tendons and an Update

My wife's (TammyM) brother (Mike) tore a tendon in his foot playing basketball the other day. He said it felt like someone drove a nail into his heel. It made a grotesque popping noise when it happened. He went to the doctor and the doc told him it was partially torn, but if he would immobilize it, it would probably heal. So, he gave Mike a special boot to wear. Mike wore it one time. He said it did a great job, but he just didn't want to wear it. My wife and I went over to Mike's property and was helping them move a few things. After we were done he complained his heel was about a pain level 8 (1-10)! So I said, "Can I pray for it? Sometimes I can get the pain to go away." He recalled, "You did that to me once before when I hurt my foot about a year ago at a family picnic. So, sure, go ahead." I laid hands on his foot about 3 times and nothing much seemed to be happening. So, I tried what I like to call the Curry-Blake technique... LOL. I told him I was going to lay hands on it, tell the pain to leave in Jesus' Name and then I wanted him to immediately put pressure on his heel. So I did, and he did. He said, "I'm not kidding you, that worked." He stood up and walked around and said, "It doesn't hurt anything like it did." Yay!

Curry Blake describes this as allowing the River of Life to flow out of you and removing your hand before it "flows or bounces back." A strange description and odd idea, yes, but sometimes it seems like the right thing to do. I've tried this several times and so far it has worked. Jesus really does describe the divine life flowing out of believers as a flow of a river:
John 7:37-39 - On the last and most important day of the festival, Jesus stood up and cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, he should come to Me and drink! The one who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, will have streams of living water flow from deep within him.” He said this about the Spirit. Those who believed in Jesus were going to receive the Spirit, for the Spirit had not yet been received because Jesus had not yet been glorified.
Also as a note regarding the nurse (Vern) I prayed for here: He grabbed me at the nursing home the other day and said, "Guess what happened!" I said, "You can hear?" He said, "Yes! 100%. I woke up to the sound of the clock... not the alarm, but the ticking! I turned my head and I discovered I could hear out of my right ear."

Thank You Jesus for continuing working even after we leave the person we pray for!

Monday, March 21, 2011

John G. Lake on Resolve

"Last evening in the healing rooms, just at six o'clock, I was visited by a woman who I met four or five months ago in the Deaconess Hospital. The dear lady had been given up to die. She had been examined by X-ray, and a large cancer in the stomach was discovered. They told her there was nothing to be done for her. So the dear husband sent for me to speak a kindly word to his supposedly dying wife. I did not understand what I had been sent for and when I got to the dear soul I supposed I had been called to pray the prayer of faith for healing.

"I said, 'Dear Mother, you do not have to die.'

"'But', she said, 'the doctor says so. The X-ray shows such a sized cancer. I guess, brother, I will have to die.'

"And I said, 'It is a lie. You do not have to die.' For two or three months we battled against that condition in the woman's soul. The Spirit of God would come upon her every time we prayed. Her pains would disappear, she would go to sleep, etc., but she was not really healed. That went on week after week and month after month until I was almost worn out before her soul raised to take victory. But last night she walked into the healing rooms. She told me that she weighed only seventy-five pounds when I met her and that now she weighs one hundred twenty pounds. She went to the hospital this week and had the same physician X-ray her. When they saw the picture they said. 'There must be some mistake.' And they got the original and examined it. They could not understand it.

"She said, 'Doctor, I found a new Physician, the Great Physician, the Christ of God, and I do not care about your plates. I know the cancer is gone.' But the plates showed it was gone. The woman has gone back home a happy woman. But, beloved, the victory only came when the consciousness of the power of the living Christ took possession of that woman's heart. Blessed be God.

"Not a dead Jesus, but a living Christ!"

MY COMMENT: Where are the MEN/WOMEN of God with that kind of resolve? I have decided where ONE of them lives.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

09-Mar-2011 (Wed): Carpal Tunnel Pain, Torn Tendon & Popped Eardrum

A couple of weeks ago at lunchtime I was visiting my father-in-law (Bob) in the nursing home [NHC]. I went to the nurse's station to get him a Tums. He commonly wants one after lunch. I had brought him some spicy chicken he loves and so he figured he get one before experiencing any heartburn. One of the nurses that commonly takes care of Bob was there (his name is Vern) and I noticed as he was getting Bob's Tums, he had a wrap around his wrist. So I asked him what happened. He began to tell me he picked up something and heard a snap and pain shot up his arm from his wrist. He went to the doctor and the doctor told him he tore a tendon in his wrist and it would probably have to be fixed surgically. Turns out, years ago he had popped a tendon in his arm completely in two! He had surgery on that one and healed very quickly, which he attributed to God and prayer. So, I asked if I could pray for his wrist. He said that would be great but not to expect too much because he believed God did this to him to teach him some humility or something. Of course, he doesn't know it, but that is not true at all. Jesus' example of Father never showed that Father ever did anything like this to anybody. Jesus only removed pain and suffering... He never caused it. It is the nature of the thief to kill, steal and destroy. It is the nature of God to give abundant life (John 10:10).

But I left the theology lesson for later. I simply told him I believed Jesus wanted him out of pain and healed now... right now. He was very skeptical and corrected my theology saying, "God might heal it, but it will certainly be in His time, not ours." Again, I let that fall to the ground as I put my hand on his wrist and commanded the tear to be healed and tendon reconnected. Then I took my hand off and said, "It should be getting warm and tingly in there right now. And the pain should be lessening." His eyebrows went up and his face turned red. He said, "Son of a gun! You're not kidding. It really is getting hot in there. And just the right spot too, right where the doc said it tore." I asked about his pain and he said it didn't hurt much at all any more. He said, "Wow. I can certainly live with that." He then told me it would not be healed all the way until he learned whatever God was teaching him. I simply said, "He seemed to be healing you now." He had to agree.

A few days later, I came into work, and a coworker of mine (Mike) said he was experiencing some stronger-than-usual pain in his wrists from what he believed to be carpal tunnel [see pic of Mike & his wife Linda in pic right]. He's a strong believer and had been commanding the pain to leave him for a few days. He could press the center of his palms and pain would shoot up his arms. So he asked me to lay hands on him. I did and commanded the pain and tingling to leave in Jesus' Name. Nothing happened for a few minutes, but I just held his hands in mine for a while and spoke to the pain a few more times. In a few more minutes he said the tingling had disappeared and the pain had greatly diminished. He could now press very hard on his palms and was not feeling that sharp pain like he was. Amen! Since I work with him I will check on him from time to time to see how this is progressing. Of course, we want 100%. Mike, if you are reading this, please feel free to comment and let us know how it's going.

Meanwhile, back at the nursing home... Yesterday (Tue, 08-Mar-2011) I was visiting Bob again. I took him a Pal's hotdog (which he loves). After my visit I was walking to the door and I saw that same nurse (Vern) walking up the hall toward me. He still had the wrap on his wrist. I waved, but he motioned to me and said, "Follow me." So I did. He led me to an empty room (the tenants were out and about for the day or at lunch). He said, "I brought you in here to ask you something. But before that..." ... he motioned toward his arm... '...this thing is getting better and better. It is healing and no longer hurts after you prayed a while back. So, thanks!" Then he told me he had been sick for a few days and had thrown up so hard he popped his right eardrum. He went to the doctor and the doctor said it was a really bad tear and it may never heal over, or even if it did he would probably suffer severe hearing loss. I don't recall if he said "down to only 20%" or "loss of 20%"... but either way, he asked me to pray for him.

His current symptom-set was dizziness, pain, and complete silence in that ear. He said he couldn't even hear himself in his own head. The words he used were, "stone deaf." I told him about Chelsi's ear being healed (see here) because I believe a testimony in-and-of itself has the power to promote faith in the hearer, "for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Revelation 19:10). I then laid my finger on his ear and commanded it to be mended and healed and that Jesus bore all of Vern's pain. I left it on there for several minutes, meditating on Jesus and letting the Life of God flow into him. Now, understand, I never feel anything at all, I just believe God's Life is flowing. Vern was silent with his eyes closed.

Finally I asked, "What's going on?" He suddenly said, "Oh wow, I hear a gurgling in my ear. That's different for sure!" Then a few moments later he said, "I'm feeling pressure changes in my ear. You know, like when you drive down a mountain too fast." Then he looked up, moved his head around and said, "Wow, I'm not kidding you brother, my dizziness is completely gone." He said beforehand he felt like he was "listing to the right" as he walked. He tried to get the cotton out of his ear, but it was too far down in there to get with his fingers. He was amazed. The pain was also gone. He told me thanks, and thanked Father. He said, "I'll get this cotton out later and see what's going on. I just believe it will continue to mend." I offered to pray for him again if he wanted, any time.
UPDATE (30-Mar-2011): Vern grabbed me at the nursing home the other day and said, "Guess what happened!" I said, "You can hear?" He said, "Yes! 100%. I woke up to the sound of the clock... not the alarm, but the ticking! I turned my head and I discovered I could hear out of my right ear." Thank You Jesus for continuing working even after we leave the person we pray for!
Isn't Jesus amazing?!