Monday, May 24, 2010

24-May-2010 (Mon) - Muscle Soreness Removed

Last night Jesus amazed me again. This one has a small but profound lesson. My youngest daughter (Kayla) [see me & Kayla pic left] spent all day Saturday (22-May-2010) learning new dance routines from a pretty famous dancer. She was incredibly tired Saturday evening, and was incredibly sore from it yesterday. But last night she asked me to lay hands on her to see if Jesus would take away the muscle soreness (which she caused). As soon as I placed my hands on her back and sides, they got very warm very quickly. I would command, "Soreness and muscle pain, out right now." As soon as I would say "now" I would place my hand on her back (or side) just for a second and then quickly remove it. Then we would wait a few seconds and I would then press my fingers into her muscles to see if the soreness was gone. We did this several times for various muscle groups that were sore. Kayla said about 99% of the soreness was removed! She said what tiny bit was left actually felt very good.

Jesus' grace totally amazes me. Think of this! Kayla caused her own soreness by over working her muscles. In other words, she caused her own pain and was suffering because of her abuse of her body... yet, Jesus didn't care at all. He removed her soreness regardless.

Jesus will heal you even if you are the cause of your own problem. Think of smoking, over-eating, under-eating, eating unhealthy foods, not exercising, etc. or any number of things we do wrong on a daily basis on purpose or by accident! Jesus still answers "Yes!" to "I wonder if He'll heal that?" It just goes to show that Jesus and Father are not actively deciding to do these things at that moment, but rather has already answered every healing question with a "Yes!" 2000 years ago:
2 Corinthians 1
20 For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in Christ with a resounding “Yes!” And through Christ, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to God for his glory.
So, I add my "Amen!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

08-May-2010 (Sat) - New Knee Mind Freak

OK, I must say, this was one of the most fun encounters with Jesus I've ever had; very powerful and personal. Recently, my youngest daughter (Kayla) got engaged to a pretty incredible young man (Cody) [see Cody & Kayla in pic right]. Cody is headed for Navy boot camp in August. But Jesus did a mind job on him this past Saturday. It started out like this:

One of my other daughters (Kimberly's) friend (Rachel) was getting married Saturday evening. So my girls and wife were all gone to the church early to help Rachel's wedding crowd get ready with hair & makeup and such. So I was home alone. I mowed my lawn and decided to wash my car and vacuum it before leaving. Cody was planning on going to the wedding too, but he was going to ride with me. So I invited him over so we could spend some time together beforehand.

When he showed up I was washing my car and we began talking. He revealed to me that he almost didn't qualify for the Navy simply because he had hurt his knee about 3 years ago. He told me his knee was very painful. He was even concerned about standing at attention in the military because in order to stand, he has to put most, if not all his weight on his good leg. This makes him slightly lean. Also, he couldn't climb stairs without pain, nor was he able to jump or kick a soccer ball. Kayla had explained some of this to me, and had requested that I pray for him, but I didn't know the half of it.

Now, Cody was present once when Kayla's knee was healed from a dancing injury (see here). I asked him about that. He said, "Yeah, that was pretty freaky to me." I said, "Are you ready to be freaked out again?" He wasn't sure what I meant. I offered to pray for his knee. He thought about it for a minute and then said, "Let's try it; what could it hurt?" I said, "Exactly. Now get ready because this is really gonna freak you out. Something is going to happen and you're gonna feel it. It's gonna be good!" He said he was ready.

I bent down and placed my hands on his knee and commanded it to be made well in Jesus' Name. Then I stood up and asked, "What's going on?" He had a very surprised look on his face, but said, "It's getting hot!" I assured him that was good. He began to freak out a little. He started walking around with his face in his hands, and then on his knee. He said, "Oh my God, it is pulling to one side." I wanted to see. He pulled his jeans tight over his kneecap and no sooner had he done that than I saw his kneecap shift 3 times to the left! Each time he let out a little, "Oh!" I've never seen anything like that before. Go Jesus!

He said it barely hurt a little... so I prayed again and rebuked pain. BAM! All pain was gone instantly he said. He said, "I can't believe this. I don't know what to say. I'm gonna cry." I told him that was alright and assured him that it was OK to cry if he needed to, but I could tell he really didn't want to cry in front of me. So I said, "Cody, it's OK, man. Jesus loves you. Tell you what, you just go out into the yard there and you and God deal with it. No worries." He said, "I'm gonna have to do that." So he walked out into the yard and dealt with it. I continued vacuuming my car.

He came back after some time and still couldn't talk about it. Just sentence fragments came out, "I can't believe... how could this happen?... what is going on?... oh man... I have no place in my mind for this...", etc. I hugged him and patted him on the back, "It's OK man. Jesus doesn't care about many things you think He cares about. He just loves you."

He had no pain at all. He told me he walked up my deck stairs without pain. He told me he jumped up and down on it in they yard... again, no pain. He said he squatted down in the yard... no pain. He told me he couldn't make it hurt no matter what he did.

Yesterday (Sun, 09-May-2010), he went with us over to my mom's for Mother's Day, and he played out in the yard with Kayla and her cousins and my sister, TammyC. After that, we all went to see Iron Man 2. Then after that he came up and said he wanted to tell me something else. He told me that I didn't really realize how dramatic this was for him. He said he had just resigned himself to this injury for the rest of his life. He figured he'd never be able to play like he did yesterday, ever again. He said, "I kicked a soccer ball over the roof of your mom's house! No pain!"

Jesus is so wonderful, I can't even describe the joy I feel right now, both for me (because doing the works of Jesus is an absolute blast) and for Cody... because Jesus surprised him with a healing he never thought he'd get! I love them both.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

02-May-2010 (Sun): Crutches Not Needed

I was visiting my father-in-law (Bobby) and his sister (Susie) and her husband (Jim) had him out at the gazebo eating lunch. I noticed Jim was using crutches. I asked him what happened. He said about 2 or 3 weeks ago, while working out in his field looking for a water leak, his tractor rolled back on him and completely ran over both his lower legs. No bones were broken but he was so badly bruised and the muscles so badly smashed that he couldn't walk. His son helped him to the house. He said for the next 3 days he couldn't walk. His wife wanted to take him to the emergency room when it happened but he refused. He said he would've gone if he thought something serious had happened. After 3 days he noticed his legs were getting better and he could walk on crutches, but he's been on crutches now for 2 weeks. He told me he could put a little weight on them now, but they were still painful.

I told Jim that I hadn't been able to get much happening with Bobby for some reason, but that I believed if he'd let me put my hands on his legs and pray that Jesus would heal him right then and there. He and Susie agreed. Bobby was watching. I put my hands on his shoes (didn't want to touch his bruised legs and possibly cause him pain), and commanded his legs to be made whole and for pain to leave. Very casually (I love that!), Jim said, "They're getting warm." After a few seconds I asked him to try them out. He casually stood up without his crutches and walked over to the edge of the gazebo and spit (he had tobacco in his mouth), then calmly walked back to the seat and sat down and said, "I haven't been able to walk without my crutches for 2 weeks." So I asked if the pain was gone. He said, "Yep. Feels much better thank you."

He still had a bit of a limp, but he walked the rest of the time without his crutches. What I love most about this healing encounter was its casualness. Neither Susie nor Jim got excited but just thanked Jesus and continued with their visit.

Yes, that is how simple it should be to get others healed. It is as easy as the forgiveness of sins. You simply accept it, and move on. Thank You, Jesus, for the provision of both forgiveness of sins and the healing of our bodies in Your work of redemption!