Monday, May 8, 2017

Pain Removed From Neck Injury

I went out of town last week, for the whole week. Had to teach class to some techs on how to use our product. The classes for the techs were coordinated by a couple of engineers that work for the company I visited. They make sure the equipment is setup and working, the lunches are present and otherwise host us all even taking the techs out to dinner on the company's expense for one of the days of training. These two guys also were very hospitable to me; way better than I deserve. They even took me out a few of those days for dinner. On one occasion I noticed one of them holding his arm on the way to the restaurant and even after we had ordered our food. I asked him about it. He said he had just had an MRI which revealed some discs in his neck that were now so small that on occasion nerves running to his arm would get pinched by the vertebrae being too close together. He knows me well so it was not hard to simply ask him if I could pray for him right there at the restaurant. He immediately agreed. I laid my hands on his neck and spoke healing to him. His neck immediately got hot and he felt tingling down his arm. His pain diminished over the rest of dinner until it was completely gone by the time we went our separate ways.

I checked on him the next day before class. He said he slept well, like he hadn't in several weeks but that he woke up with more pain in his arm. I didn't have time before class to pray for him but I asked him to come back after class and we'd pray again. He came back. I laid hands on him again and spoke healing. There was heat this time, but nothing was much helping his pain. He couldn't lift his arms up above his shoulders without really bad pain.

It dawned on me something I had learned from others that minister healing in Jesus' Name. So I had him judge how high he could lift his arms before pain stopped him. He showed me. His arms were nearly even with his shoulders. I then told him I was going to command pain to go and healing to come, place my hands on his neck for about 2 seconds and then when he felt my hand lift to then immediately see how far he could lift his arms. I imagine the River of Living Water (Jesus' Life) rushing out of me into the other person and then I remove my hands before "the River" rushes back. (This totally cracks me up thinking about it that way! But Jesus doesn't seem to mind my crazy imagination and many times, for whatever reason, it seems to work.) So when I lifted my hands he immediately lifted his arms cautiously. They went even with his shoulders to where they were before, but this time without pain. He went higher. No pain. All the way up. No pain! Jesus had done it!

He said, "You have other talents besides teaching techs!" LOL... We gave glory to Jesus and he left without pain lifting his arms up and down and shaking his head in amazement. He kept saying, "That's wild."

Jesus really IS wild.