Monday, April 26, 2010

25-Apr-2010 (Sun) - Jesus Heals in a Baptist Church

Sunday (25-Apr-2010), me and my family sang at a local Baptist church (Greenwood Baptist Church) in Johnson City, TN. It was a fun time had by all and I believe the congregation was genuinely touched by our words of encouragement and praise & worship of Jesus. After the service, a couple of young ladies (teenagers) came up and talked with my middle daughter, Karahann, about music. After they finished talking to her, I was in the foyer waiting on her, and the two young ladies came walking down the isle toward the foyer to go home. I noticed the smaller one was walking with a limp. She was only wearing one flip flop on her left foot. I spoke to them and then inquired about her foot, which was obviously causing her some pain. She said a friend of hers had dropped a 3-liter coke bottle on it and it was painful, so she couldn't put much weight on it... thus, the limp. I offered to pray for her. She agreed. I asked her name and she told me it was "Brooklyn" (very lovely name!). I stooped down and put my hand on her foot and said something along the lines like, "Father, I thank you for Brooklyn and her heart for You. I thank you Jesus that you loved her enough to bear all her pain on the cross. Now, show her how much you love her right now. Pain, I command you in Jesus' name to leave Brooklyn's foot right now." Then I looked up at her and said, "Check it out... put some weight on it and see." She slowly put some of her weight on her foot. Suddenly her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened and she looked over to her friend and said something like, "Oh my gosh! It worked! I can't believe it. It really worked. It doesn't hurt anymore... amazing!" She walked down the steps, not limping any more.

As I was walking out to the parking lot, I saw her and her friend get in a pickup truck with, I assumed, her dad. I waved and motioned questioning about her foot. She smiled really big and shook her head "yes" and gave me a thumbs up.

Jesus didn't care that it said Baptist on the front door... and neither did I. Thank You again Jesus!

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