Friday, April 9, 2010

09-Apr-2010 (Fri) - More Knee Stuff

I came home late and my daughter, Kayla [see pic right], was sitting on the den couch with her boyfriend, but she had a knee wrap on her knee. As I came in the door and greeted everyone and asked about her knee, she said something like, "Dad! I'm so glad you're home. I woke up with my knee sore again. Please lay hands on me." Her boyfriend (Cody), had provided the wrap because Kayla was hobbling around that evening. I said to Cody, "Cody, you're going to like this; it's going to blow your mind." I removed the wrap carefully from her knee... it was a bit swollen and puffy in places and we both poked it here and there with our fingers and Kayla verified it was very painful. So, I talked about Jesus for a few moments (mainly for Cody's benefit) and told him something was going to happen when we prayed. I could tell he was anxious, but, of course, skeptical.

I laid my hands on Kayla's knee and I have to say it was the most powerful manifestation I've yet seen. My hands "lit up" with the strongest tingling I've ever felt. Kayla's knee began to "move around" under my hand... very weird. I said to Cody, "Check it out... put your hand there and feel that." After a while, he did. I could tell it was messing with him; he felt "stuff" moving around. Then suddenly, her knee "shifted" (for lack of a better term) on the inside. Kayla's eyes widened and we all were surprised. She said it felt good. All pain immediately left, and in a matter of seconds, all swelling went down while it continued to tingle.

She then invited us to poke it anywhere. We did... no pain whatsoever. She stood up, straightened it out, did several knee bends, and even a few clogging steps... no pain, no stiffness, no swelling!

I honestly have to say it was the most amazing 100% healing I've ever witnessed... the best part... I didn't feel any more spiritual... in fact, I was dead tired.

Cody was blown away. He said something like, "I've never seen anything like that before. I KNOW it was painful before. That is why I went and got the wrap for her!" Kayla, on the other hand, indicated it wasn't all that unusual. Amen, because of Jesus in us.


  1. Greg, that's awesome. I must admit still to a bit of skepticism in these matters, in large part growing up in cessation-oriented churches.
    Still, it sure sounds awesome and I have no real reason to doubt.
    God bless ya

  2. Hey Bert, I'm a skeptic. I'm an electronics engineer. But I tell people this all the time... my favorite thing about Jesus healing the sick is it is real. It will bear up under all the scrutiny you can muster. In fact I welcome it. :)