Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Painful Knee Healed

A few weeks ago an elderly lady (80+ years old) knew I had laid hands on some folks before and had seen them healed. I ran into her again. She made small talk but then finally when I asked how she was doing she said she was in good health but that her knee had been bothering her a little especially when she walked down stairs. We happened to be standing near stairs at the time, so I asked if I could pray for her and then she could try these stairs. She agreed.

I had her sit down on a bench and asked her to put her own hand on her knee and I would simply put my hand on her arm. I did not think it would be proper for me to put my hand on her knee myself especially in front of others. This is just wise and showing modesty and respect, which I highly recommend, if you are praying for the sick, to observe all the time. Jesus will heal in any way you will allow. Normally I would put my hand on the affected area, but when it comes to sensitive areas, particularly where women are concerned, be very respectful and fail toward being too modest rather than abrasive and forward. Jesus will heal either way.

I simply laid my hand on her arm and pointed my finger at her knee and commanded her knee to be healed and pain to leave. She said, "Wow, I feel it getting hot in there!" Yes! I said it is now time to see what progress has been made because, after all, it doesn't take Jesus long to do a miracle. So I asked her to try the stairs.

She went up the stairs and cautiously started down. She said, "It definitely feels different. But there is still a little pain." So I had her sit down again and we repeated what we had done before. Better. We did it a 3rd time. Even better. We did it a 4th time. Done! All pain was gone. She only said, "It doesn't feel 100% right, like the other knee, but now there is no pain at all." I explained that it could simply be that Jesus fixed it better than the other one, or that it will take it a little while to feel completely normal.

Jesus loves to heal knees, even 80+-year-old ones. You're never too old for Jesus to heal you.


  1. I read this after checking out your most recent entry.
    Good stuff!
    It is amazing to me that healing is available like this, because even few Christians seem to walk in it. You'd think more would, but this is encouraging regardless.

    1. If we would merely believe that Jesus is a real person just as depicted in the gospels and that He has not changed, this kind of experience would become commonplace among believers. I don't pretend to get everyone healed, but that should be our goal.