Monday, January 24, 2011

22-Jan-2011 (Sat) - Sweet Teenager's Eardrums Healed

This was one of the most honest and moving healings I've ever been involved with. My whole family (including my oldest daughter, Kimberly, and her husband, Grant, and their new son, Gunnar) all went to church on Saturday night (22-Jan-2011) to watch close friends of ours (Chuck & Denise) daughter, Chelsi, do an interpretive dance to a worship song. Chelsi [see pic right] is a delightful young teenager that is very beautiful and pure-hearted. She looked very graceful performing the dance. I had actually prayed for Chelsi and her dad, Chuck before with wonderful results (see here).
Afterward we all decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. During dinner, Denise asked me if I would lay hands on Chelsi for an ear problem she was having. OK, no problem, Jesus works in Cracker Barrel. :)
So after dinner we all went to the store section of Cracker Barrel. We found a little out-of-the-way corner in the store and I asked Denise what Chelsi's issue was. She said Chelsi had had tubes in her ears for a very long time, and when they were finally removed, they discovered her eardrums had holes in them. Evidently, this is a common occurrence for cases such as this (I didn't know this and I don't pretend to even know what I'm talking about here). Anyway, Chelsi's had terrible hearing loss due to this and the doctor wanted to see if the eardrums would close up on their own without having to send Chelsi away to a specialist to fix them.
So, I had everybody hold hands, and I took both of Chelsi's hands in mine and began to thank Father for His love for Chelsi, and for His work in Jesus to heal her. Then with the authority Jesus gave all believers, I commanded her eardrums to be healed, right now, in Jesus' Name. There was no change in her hearing. So I asked if I could put my hands on her ears. Of course. Then I put my hands close to her ears and commanded healing again, then briefly touched her ears.
Suddenly, she began to cry. She grabbed her mother and hugged her tight while sobbing, "I can hear better!" It was the sweetest thing ever. She grabbed all of us individually and thanked us for praying for her.
Later that night she sent me a text message:
Thank ya'll sooo much for coming tonight! It was sooo fun hangin out w/yall! I love you all like tons and tons! I really can hear better!
Then later, she posted a comment on my Facebook wall:
:') Thank you Gregberry, for letting HIM, touch me...through YOU! ♥ It's an amazing morning! :) Love you tons! ♥
Yeah, I know, "Gregberry" ... hahaha! It is a sweet pet-name she calls me. I told you she was very sweet.

Praise Jesus for His faithfulness and love for us all!

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