Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23-Nov-2009 (Mon) - Back Healing Confirmed

Back in July [see here], a man came into my office with a back brace on. I had laid hands on him and he had felt the heat of healing flow into his back and relieve his pain. That weekend, Dr. Roger Sapp came to Cornerstone Church to teach a healing seminar, and this gentleman showed up there. As I expected, Dr. Sapp called for people with back problems to come up front, and this man that came to my office the day before, went up for prayer. Roger prayed for him in front of the whole church, and he received healing.

Yesterday, this man returned to my office just to tell me that since prayer for his back, he has not had any trouble or pain from that since. He said, "It's like I got a new one."


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