Tuesday, November 24, 2009

19-Nov-2009 (Thu) - Reggie's Testimony

I received the following forwarded e-mail from my friend (GregC) written by the man (Reggie) we prayed for over the phone yesterday:
“...I like to document things in my life and this is one path that I have to document. I do still see the goiters in my neck, but it isn't the same. I'm not sure what though. It feels smaller, but it looks the same. This is work in progress I suppose. However, this is exactly what I needed--it's the way my head works--at least for now.

“I was watching the Todd White videos. [see GodSquad video links to the right] Amazing! I can't express how much I needed that. I hear ministers talk all of the time about healing and I sometimes watch the healing services. I wanted to experience it/see it up close and personal. It appears that you guys live this thing. Regular people who trusts God to effect such changes.

“I know it's simply, but you got to understand that I tell people that programming is simple. LOL! It's simply when you 'get it' and the light bulbs go off so to speak. There is a hope in me that I haven't had for a looooong time. Even though God has been working miraculously in my life. It's all good now though.

“...I desire to be totally healed from my thyroid issues, which I now believe I receive, my prostate issue, my eye issue, and my head lol. Though the 'dark ages' are over I still remember stuff that scares me sometimes. It's not really that bad--just relative to where I was.

“I'll keep you posted.”
Reggie has experienced the Living Jesus in a new way!

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