Friday, November 13, 2009

04-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Confirmation of Healing of Scoliosis

My younger sister (Jennifer) [see pic right] chatted me on AOL today and told me she took her oldest daughter (Hannah) [see pic left] to the doctor for her physical. After the normal procedures, the doctor said, "OK, Hannah, take off your shoes and let's check your back." The reason-being, she knew Hannah had scoliosis. But before the doc checked, Hannah & Jennifer shared with her about what happened back in July (see 19-Jul-2009). We had laid hands on Hannah and felt her spine move! The doctor listened patiently and then said, “Well, let's see.” So Hannah removed her shoes and the doctor checked her back. She said, “Wow, it certainly is much better. Let's check your hip alignment.” The reason-being, the last time Hannah was at the doctor, the doctor showed them how Hannah's hips were misaligned, and this was what concerned her about the scoliosis. The doctor checked her hip alignment and said in surprise, “Hannah! Your hips are not misaligned anymore!” She explained that this was very unusual, and this made her say, “Well, I'm not concerned about the scoliosis any longer. You know, we doctors really do not give enough credit to prayer and faith these days; but we should.” Amen. Hannah and Jennifer were both very excited at the confirmation!

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