Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20-Nov-2009 (Fri) - Toe Pain Gone

I've been remodeling my kitchen of late, and I'm nearly finished, so various members of our family have come by at various times to look at it. Last night, my wife's brother (Tim) & his wife (Annette) came by to check things out. Tim also brought me a dog kennel for our new puppy (Molly). Annette had had a toenail removed because it was severely ingrown, so she was on one shoe limping and in pain. So as she was leaving, I said, "Annette, before you go, let's try something. Can I pray for your toe?" She agreed. I put my hands on her foot and said, "Toe, I command you to be completely whole right now. Pain, leave." (Very casual). I said, "What's up?" She said, "What do you mean?" LOL... I said, "You should be feeling some heat in there right now." Her eyes got big and she looked back at my wife and over at her husband, "Oh wow. I do feel it!" I asked, "Does it hurt any more?" She checked it. Put pressure on it. Stepped on it. Her mouth dropped open, "It doesn't hurt!" She kept saying, "That's crazy." I hugged her neck and told her it was the power of God, that He bore her pain, and didn't want her suffering.

Jesus cares about toenails!

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