Tuesday, December 1, 2009

26-Nov-2009 (Thu) - Cough Tickle Changes & Shoulder Pain Gone

Thanksgiving! I love it. Many of our family came to our house for lunch. My wife's sister-in-law (Annette), whose toe I prayed for last week [see here] confessed to several people there that she has not had any pain since the day we prayed. Awesome.

Later that evening, we went to my mom (Janice's) for dinner and to see my aunt (Kathy), who was visiting from Detroit, MI. My brother-in-law (Jimmy) [see pic of Jimmy & his daughter Hannah left] came in a little late and I could tell right away he wasn't feeling very well. Before leaving, my sister (TammyC) asked me to
lay hands on him and pray. I did. I had him test his cough by taking deep breaths. In a few minutes, the annoying tickle in his throat disappeared.

My cousin (John) [see pic of my mom, my sister TammyC & John right] was also there and he confessed he had sneezed really hard that week and his back hurt. So I laid hands on his spine and felt Jesus' healing heat flow into his spine & muscles. He felt it too. Then he told me that when he raised his right arm, a weird feeling shot through his shoulder and the right side of his face and neck. I laid hands on his shoulder and commanded the pain to leave. Nothing changed. I did it a second time; again, nothing changed. John kept saying, "No, still there." I said, "OK, watch this. This time I'm going to command the pain to leave and I want you to immediately lift your arm in the air." I commanded, and he lifted immediately. "Wow! Almost gone!" he said. Let's do it again. Did it again, "Wow! Totally gone!" Tears welled up in John's eyes as the reality of Jesus' love and healing power touched his heart & mine.

I love you Jesus. You are so faithful.

John also told me that since his mother (my Aunt Kathy) [see pic of my Aunt Kathy left] was down visiting, she needed some healing, but he didn't want to embarrass her by me praying for her in front of everybody. He wanted to kind of prepare her for it (she's Catholic), and then call me sometime in this next week to come and lay hands on her.

I can't wait for my Aunt Kathy to experience the personal love and touch of her Savior Jesus!

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