Tuesday, November 24, 2009

18-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Thyroid Swelling Shrinks & Vision Improves

My friend (GregC) [see pic left] chatted me on FB today and said he had worked it out so that a newcomer to the Christian Healing Forum (http://www.christianhealingforum.com) by the name Reggie, was going to call him today at 11:45am for prayer for 3 things; thyroid problems, floaters on his eyes that obstructed his vision, and potential prostate cancer. GregC asked me if I wanted to “tag team” Reggie, with his permission. GregC and I agreed on a passage of scripture, that Father was going to do what we asked because he and I believed the same together:
Matthew 18
19 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.
Reggie [see pic right] called GregC and agreed, so GregC conferenced me in on the call. Reggie was actually more interested in getting healing working in his life for other people than actually getting healed himself. We could tell he had a big heart. Spoke much to him about scripture and how Jesus is the only example of Father God. We could also tell he knew the scriptures well. We asked him if the things he was suffering under, if something changed right away, would he be able to tell it. He said definitely, especially his thyroid gland. He said his neck was really swollen all around, but he could feel a large swollen place on one side, and a smaller one on the other. Also there was a spot in the middle of his throat that was also swollen. He said his eyes, particularly one of them, had permanent floaters on it that distorted and obscured his vision; especially far away vision. He also was diagnosed with a higher-than-normal rating used to measure for prostate cancer; but no symptoms there.

I told Reggie he was going to feel something happen, just because that is the way Jesus did things. It was way more common in Jesus' ministry to get people healed by miracles than it was to get them well over a longer stretch of time. GregC said, “Well, let's just show him.” So he had Reggie put his hand on his throat and we rebuked the swelling and commanded the thyroid to function properly. I then asked, “What's going on, Reggie?” He said something like, “Wow. I feel some kind of sensation I can't explain.” I asked, “What is it? Tingling? Heat?” He said, “Some kind of tingling, yes, but just something.” GregC asked, “Is the swelling gone?” Reggie answered, “Wow. It actually has changed. The one that was really huge seems to be gone! The other one has shrunk. The one in front is smaller too!” Praise to Father God. He was really moved by this. He said, “I'd have to look in the mirror to see.” I don't know if he did or not. We wanted to get the whole thing gone for him, so we rebuked the swelling again and commanded healing. After a few minutes, Reggie could freely move his neck around without any feeling of tightness, and the swellings on the side were gone. The one in the middle had significantly shrunk. I really wanted him to walk away with something tangible because, like me, Reggie was very analytical (he's an IT engineer), so I asked him, “Can you hang up from this conversation on the phone and say nothing happened? Or will you hang up from this conversation and be able to know that Jesus really is real and heals when we ask?” He said, “Oh, it's real alright.”

GregC also led prayer for total healing in Reggie's body including the prostate. There was no sensation that he could tell, but since the readings were only slightly above normal, we believe the next time he goes for his checkup, they will be normal.

Then, we prayed for his eyes to clear and the floaters to be removed. When Reggie opened his eyes, he said he believed the floaters were gone!

We small-talked a bit more, got each other's contact information and hung up.

Later that day, when we became “friends” on Facebook, I discovered his name was William Cunningham and he was a pastor! Me nor GregC had any idea. He had ministry websites as well, and you could tell he studied the Word quite a bit and had written quite a few articles, and even published some of his preaching online.

Jesus is so awesome!

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