Friday, November 13, 2009

11-Nov-2009 (Wed) - Shoulder Pain & Skin Lesion

At Bible Study tonight, my mom (Janice) [see pic of my daughter Karahann & my mom right] had to leave early, but she wanted prayer for a skin lesion that she found on her scalp. The doctor had observed it and didn't like it, so he wanted to have it removed. It was very small, but it was a lump and dark in color. I also know that my mom had some troubles with her left shoulder. So, I asked her about her shoulder and the lesion, and while she began to tell me, I simply put my hands on her back while she talked. I didn't command anything, but I was conscious of her shoulder. After she finished telling me what she needed to, I simply said, “Now check your shoulder.” All the pain was gone and I hadn't prayed or commanded. I saw it simply as, “...they will be able to place their hands on the sick, and they will be healed” (Mark 16:18). This verse doesn't say anything about prayer or saying anything! Then everybody laid their hands on my mom, and I put my finger on the lesion and commanded it to leave. The area around it got noticeably warm. She checked it a few minutes later and though it was still dark in color, it was no longer a raised lump!

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