Sunday, July 25, 2010

25-Jul-2010 (Sun): Healing Presbyterians

This morning, my middle daughter (Karahann) was asked to play a couple of songs at Highpoint Presbyterian Church in Bristol, VA, for their homecoming service with "dinner on the grounds" afterward. The message was given by a friend of ours (Matt) and it was on forgiveness... very timely and good message. Matt quoted his favorite writer who said, "Harboring unforgiveness is like eating rat poison and expecting the rat to die." Great quote! He also recommended that when we apologize, that we do not do like one of his little sons does; a "drive-by apology." Great message, Matt.

Karahann sang Feed My Lambs (one of her originals), and a Nickel Creek song called, The Hand Song. She also wanted me, my wife (TammyM) and her younger sister, Kayla, to sing a Dolly Pardon song with her called, I Am Ready.

During the service, there were some prayer requests from the congregation, and I overheard one lady say she was having a biopsy done on a lump in her throat. I looked back and made note of her.

After the service we went outside and ate. The food was delicious! While eating, my Aunt Sheila brought the very lady that was having the biopsy done, over for prayer. I laid my hands on her and commanded the lump to dry up and get out of her body. She immediately felt the lump get hot. That's a sign the power of God has touched it and started the healing. I told her it would probably disappear in a very short time.

I also laid hands on my Uncle Harry's leg, which sometimes goes numb on him. No way to test this.

Next, my Aunt Sheila wanted prayer for her thumbs and ankles which she thinks has arthritis. Immediately there was no pain in her ankles or thumbs as she tested them!

Yep, Jesus heals Presbyterians!

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