Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21-Jul-2010 (Wed): Pinched Nerve Relief

Today, my sister (TammyC) and I agreed to meet at one of her employee's (Steve's) [see pic right] office this morning early to pray for him. Steve is scheduled to go on a mission trip to eastern Europe and teach the kids there English, baseball & Bible. Many years ago he had a wakeboard accident and he had to have a disc in his lower neck replaced by one from a cadaver. This worked for him pretty good. But a few months ago, he fell while exercising and hurt his neck. When he went to the doctor they told him that his spinal cord was very thin in places and that the holes for it in the vertebrates were too small and the injury he had just basically set it off. So, after that he's been on pain medication and his right arm tingles especially when he positions his head to the right or up too far.

I shared some things about Jesus' healing ministry with him, and he let us lay hands on him. Immediately his spine and shoulder got hot spots. After about 1 hour of laying hands, talking, commanding healing and thanking Father, getting progress the whole time (in baby steps), Steve had gained much of the motion he had lost in his neck and had to turn his head much farther to reach a point where it tingled down his arm. Before prayer, he could hardly move his neck at all.

So, Steve is not 100% yet, but in much better shape for his mission trip. I told him that I'd come back and check on him some more when he returned from Europe and if need be, we'd pray until he gets 100%.

Thank You Jesus!

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