Thursday, July 29, 2010

29-Jul-2010 (Thu): Praying for the Sick and Injured

Nearly 3 weeks ago, a young man (Jason, 19yrs old) that was in my youngest daughter's (Kayla) wedding, and who is a step brother to Kayla's husband (Cody) suddenly had a stroke. Doctors said it was a AVM (arteriovenous malformation). An AVM is an abnormal connection between the arteries and veins in the brain that usually forms before birth. You can go your whole life and never know you have one, or, under high-blood pressure, these can rupture and bleed on your brain. This is what happened to Jason. He just got through working out with his dad (Alan) when his right side began to get weak and his speech slurred. He was rushed to the hospital. There the doctors performed emergency surgery on him and put him in a chemically induced coma. You can read his story and updates here: CaringBridge\JasonHearl.

Much prayer has been made for Jason by his family and others. I personally have laid hands on him about 3 times with no visible results as of yet. Recently, as you can read in the Journal at the website named above, the family received bad news that the doctors don't have much hope for him; that they've done all they can do. I will have longer faith, and never give up, and if you are reading this, do the same. I hope to see him more times and lay hands on him again and again until something happens. Amen!

Right beside of Jason in ICU was a friend of my family (Anna) who had a terrible car accident in which she was thrown from the vehicle. The first night I visited her she was unconscious. She has a broken hip, broken femur, broken humerus, broken eye orbits, and much bruising and cutting. Last time I saw her was this week and she was awake and whispering. I spoke to her and asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and when I laid my hands on her she said she felt God's power. Praise Him! Waiting on more reports.

Also, today, a friend of mine (John) came down from his office and asked for prayer for his back. Before I even touched him, his back got hot! Very localized in 2 places. I commanded healing to his neck, back, and no more migraines. He returned to his office telling me he felt much better. Yes! Jesus is awesome. He chatted me later and told me his back felt much better and that it is a shame that this kind of power is available to us all the time and yet we don't use it. So true, John! I'll never forget my favorite pastor (Barry) saying people will do everything they can to help a situation and when after all their efforts nothing is working say something like, "Well, looks like we're gonna have to pray," to which Pastor Barry would reply, "Oh my! Has it come to that?!" LOL! Yep, it has come to that, I'm afraid. Sheesh! Seeking God should be the first thing on the list every morning. Amen! If we could only realize just how much He truly loves us.

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