Monday, June 28, 2010

25-Jun-2010 (Fri) - Healing at Stateline

This Friday (25-Jun-2010), my middle daughter (Karahann) played music at Stateline Bar & Grill in Bristol, TN [see Karahann at Stateline in pic at left]. My older sister (TammyC) backed her up. It was a great show and the food was really good too. Lot's of friends and family came in support.

After it was all over a friend (Charles) [see pic at right] I hadn't seen in years approached me. He had a cast on his forearm encasing even his elbow. He had fallen on a hike and thought he sprained it, but x-rays showed it was fractured in 2 places. He actually wanted to ask about getting some people in his family healed; he planned on praying and laying hands on them himself. After we discussed some things, we walked out of the bar and I asked to pray for his wrist. He said I could, so we stopped on the sidewalk and I laid hands on his cast and commanded his wrist bones to mend. Charles suddenly felt tingling and heat at his wrist. His cast even heated up. Then after some time, he told me it was getting really cold. Afterward, he could move his wrist and fingers without pain. Jesus is awesome! He's excited about his up-and-coming x-ray; so am I!

Turns out, I accidentally left my cell phone in the bar and drove all the way home thinking my wife (TammyM) had it. She didn't, so she called the bar and they said they found it. I immediately drove back. By then it was about 11pm at night and the bar now had a cover charge at the door, and plenty of people were going in and out. I had to wait for the waiter who had my phone to get free... this took about 45 minutes. In the meantime, I saw my sister (TammyC) and her friend (Billie) sitting with a friend outside on the sidewalk having a beer. When I walked up they were talking about Jesus and my sister was telling her friend (Cindy) [see pic at left] about how my daughter (Kimberly) had been healed when she was an infant (see here). After the conversation, I asked Cindy if she had anything wrong with her. She said "No." But TammyC said, "Aw, c'mon, everybody our age has something! Anything at all?" Cindy then admitted she was supposed to have physical therapy on her neck this week. She couldn't lift her shoulders without pain, and her arms were tingling all the time. She also demonstrated she couldn't look back to her left without pain. I laid my hands on her neck, and it immediately got hot! She was in tears. Turns out she's a believer, but didn't fully understand Jesus moved in this way. After a few minutes, she could move her shoulders up and down, and could look back to the left all with no pain! And the tingling in her arms disappeared!

I'll say it again, Jesus is so awesome!

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