Wednesday, April 21, 2010

21-Apr-2010 (Wed) - Nurse's unexpected encounter with Jesus

Yesterday as I was leaving from visiting my father-in-law in the assisted living home, I was walking toward the exit door and spoke to a nurse, who had her medicine cart with her, arranging medicines for the various occupants. I just merely said, "Have a nice day and don't work too hard" being polite as I smiled and waved. She responded with something like, "Oh, I'll try, but wow, my back is really hurting today, but it'll just have to get over it. Have a nice day too!" How do you let that go? I already had my hand on the exit door... but I let it go and turned to her and asked, "Can I pray for your back?" Here in TN, it is truly rare if anyone would turn down such an offer; it just wouldn't be socially polite. So she said it would be fine. I warned her I was just going to put my hand lightly on her back. She said that was OK. It was a simple "prayer" and I just commanded her back to be healed and that Jesus took her pain. "Do you feel that?" Her back was immediately hot. She said, "Well, your hand is hot." I said, "It's not my hand, see?" showing her my hands were cool. She got a very puzzled look on her face and said, "Well, I do feel something warm." I said, "That's Father's power loving on you." She clearly did not believe that and tried to argue, "No, that's just the warmth of your hand there before..." I didn't argue, I just said, "Try it out." She moved around. I was already walking away smiling and looking back. As I was leaving, I saw her mouth drop open and she looked at me through the door and said, "I'm not kidding! It really doesn't hurt!" I waved and said, "I know. Have a nice day!"

Awesome Jesus!

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