Wednesday, April 7, 2010

07-April-2010 (Wed) - Medical Confirmation, Knee & Cramps

Received the following e-mail from Delores regarding her healing (see here):
Well I went to the doc at the pain clinic today. I didn't get the shot. My pain level is about 1.5! He poked around on my leg then really poked pain. He said Are you the same woman that I saw 8 weeks ago? LOL He never asked questions and I didn't offer any explanation, but he was a bit surprised. I would love to have the mri done again to see if there is a difference in my back! I hope to get with you all again and finish what we have started.
Love you both
Wonderful Jesus!

Also, last night, 06-Apr-2010 (Tue), my daughter Kayla came home after a long night of dancing with a swollen and painful knee. As is quite normal for her, she came immediately to me for me to lay hands on it. I did, and commanded it to be made whole. In just a few minutes, it got warm, the swelling went down, and then something unusual happened... it popped and cracked several times under my hand. Kayla felt it. She was soon walking without pain.

Also, last night, my daughter Karahann had come home early from work sick with stomach pains and achy joints. I laid hands on her several times and we finally started getting things happening after a long while. Much of her joint pain began to diminish and her cramps began to settle down... down to a point that she could finally go to sleep.

I love Jesus. He is so incredibly faithful that He is almost like a Divine Machine. I believe He is so faithful to heal that we could actually write mathematical formulas to describe Him, if such a mathematical language existed.


  1. Greg: I notice that you live in Bluff City, TN. Had I not moved away as a senior in high school, I would have been in the last graduating class at Bluff City High School. Small world!
    Ken Gentry

  2. Yes. After I read one of your books some years ago I actually emailed you a question. You answered and I believe you said that at that time your son was going to King in Bristol. Small world. :)