Friday, January 14, 2011

14-Jan-2011 (Fri) - Elbow & Shoulder Injury Healed

Wednesday, 12-Jan-2011, a young man (Justin; see pic right), friend of one of my daughters, came over to eat supper with us. After supper my wife (TammyM) and youngest daughter (Kayla) went up the street to visit my oldest daughter (Kimberly) and my new grandson (Gunnar). I was sitting in my entertainment room reading. I overheard my middle daughter (Karahann) talking to Justin and Justin began to tell a story of how when he was much younger (a few years ago) he had fallen on his arm in a strange way and injured his whole arm and shoulder. This injury ended his baseball-playing days as a kid. The doctors told him he had fractured something (I didn't hear what it was), and done some kind of nerve damage. I looked up and I saw Karahann looking at me with a smile because she knew what was going to happen next.

I began to ask Justin about his injury. I asked him if it still hurt and he told me, "Not really, it just feels a little different. But when I go to pick up something at work, that's when I really feel it. It hurts then." Then he showed me that every time he straightened his arm his elbow would pop. He said, "It does that every time and has done that for years. It feels like it is going to pop out of joint." So, knowing he was a believer in Jesus, I asked if I could lay hands on his elbow and pray. Of course, he agreed.

Without delay, his elbow got extremely warm inside; I could feel it heating up. This is a sure sign we are connected to Father and Jesus is healing something. I don't know if the heat is doing the healing, or if the healing is generating the heat, but I have learned it is a very common manifestation when things are working. I asked him if he felt that heat. He said, "Oh yeah, it is getting very hot inside. My shoulder is getting hot too." I felt his shoulder, it was merely a bit warmer on the outside than his other shoulder. But he said it was really hot inside. He was a little freaked out at first, but I comforted him simply by telling him he was a believer in Jesus Christ, and this is just what Jesus told us to do.

After a few minutes, I said, "OK, try it out. See if it feels any different to you." He stretched out his arm and it didn't pop! This shocked him. He said, "Wow! It didn't pop!" He told me I couldn't really appreciate this because it has popped every single time for years. He rolled his shoulder around and told me everything felt good and very different. I told him this is what Jesus wants us to do. He said he'd never really thought about it much. So I gave him a couple of testimonies and told him it was not a gift, but merely simple faith, and that he could do this just as easily.

We talked about Jesus for about 30 minutes and I could tell he was very moved by the "Show & Tell" gospel. I told him he must back up the gospel with power and that you don't have to be weird or gifted to do it. I encouraged him to try what I just did with him on his friends and family. Then I left them alone so they could talk a bit without me.

Before he left, I asked him to check his arm and shoulder again... he did, his arm didn't pop and everything felt better he said.

Thank You Jesus for being so faithful and loving all of us the way You do.

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