Friday, February 4, 2011

04-Feb-2011 (Fri) - Back Pain & Fever

This past weekend my wife (TammyM), middle daughter (Karahann) and youngest daughter (Kayla) went to New York City because Kayla's dancing team (she is the instructor/choreographer) was invited by the producers of America's Best Dance Crew to audition for the next season's show.

(Kayla and her team are visible about 8 seconds in. That's Kayla standing in front leading.)

There were 10 dancers and some of their mothers and siblings that went as well. All-in-all there were about 27 people. I was the only man... LOL! But, it was pretty exciting! And quite an honor for her team to be especially invited! Out of about 200 teams (most not invited but in open audition) they were the youngest team there and placed in the top 16 (don't know exactly where). Unfortunately this didn't get them a spot on the show, but it was great experience for this young team who vary in age from about 13 to 15 years old.

Soon after we arrived the girls all got to take a class at a dance studio on Broadway. It was one of the highlights of their trip. So, while the girls were taking their class, the rest of us wandered around Broadway and mid-Manhattan.

I overheard one of the moms (Tina) say she needed to go back to the hotel and get her pain medicine because she had accidentally left it there and she was not going to be able to stand it the rest of the evening if she didn't.

So I asked, "What's wrong?" She said she had a degenerative disc disease in her lower back and that right now it was very painful. As I was reaching my hand toward her lower back I asked, "Can I pray for you?" She didn't hear me, so she said, "What did you say?" But my hand was already on her lower back. I said, "Nevermind. Do you feel that?" Her eyes widened and she said, "Yes I do. What are you doing to me?" My wife answered her and said, "He's just praying for you, honey." I asked, "What does it feel like?" She said, "It is tingling up my spine and getting hot. What your you doing to me?" ... and she kind of pulled away out of concern. I just comforted her by saying, "I'm laying hands on you in Jesus' Name. Is it working?" She said all the pain was gone. So I asked her to do some stuff that might cause her pain. She moved her back around cautiously. No pain! She said, "Wow. I won't need to go get my medicine tonight." Her eyes welled up. "Where did you learn to do that?" I explained she could do the same, that Jesus told us to lay hands on the sick and they would recover. She was quite moved. Praise You Lord for Your faithfulness and great kindness.

So, my conclusion? Jesus heals on Broadway. :)

Wednesday, 02-Feb-2011, my daughter Kayla stayed home from college because she ran a fever all day and had chills. She didn't get out of bed the whole day. When evening came and I got home from work, ate supper, and started Bible study, we decided we should pray for Kayla who was still in bed. By Bible study's end, she had come downstairs and was laying on the couch in front of the fireplace. Everybody walked over to the couch and started asking her about her New York trip. While she began telling them, I laid my hands on her and rebuked the fever quietly. After a few minutes she said, "Dad, you're burning me up!" I said, "But you chilled all day, right?" She said, "Yes, but now I'm beginning to sweat!" Of course everybody knows when you begin to sweat it is a sure sign the fever is breaking. So we all put our hands on her and prayed for her for a few minutes. Her fever dropped tremendously to nearly normal. Sweat began coming out on her back and her neck. Yay Jesus! She sat up and said, "Wow, I feel so much better." The congestion she had was still sticking around, but the fever had dropped and she now felt much better. She promptly went to the kitchen and got snacks.

After Bible study folks had gone home and I was heading upstairs to bed, I said, "Kayla, you better get in the bed. You have school in the morning." She said, "I know, dad, but it feels so good to sit up I think I'm gonna stay up for a while. I slept all day, yaknow." Great!

Jesus is forever faithful. He never fails to do for us. I really believe He wants us to trust Him like we do gravity. In fact, the only reason we can write equations for physics is because God is faithful. In this manner, physics proclaims the faithfulness of God. Do we ever expect the pencil to float when we let go of it? No. Neither should we doubt Jesus heals every time we reach out our hands and command it to be so.

Thank You Father for being so faithful!

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