Sunday, January 9, 2011

09-Jan-2011 (Sun) - Grandfather & Stuff

A lot has happened since last blog. On 05-Dec-2011 I became a grandfather as my oldest daughter (Kimberly) and her husband (Grant) had their first son, Gunnar Aaron [see pic right] weighing in at 4 lbs 10 oz! He was a little guy, but, wow! is he growing fast. As of yesterday (08-Jan-2011) he has already gained up to 7 lbs 5 oz! Already, half-a-dozen times or so, when Gunnar has had the hiccups or tummy-ache, we have laid hands on him commanded hiccups or tummy-ache to go, and have had instant results! God's life flows to little babies beautifully, especially if the parents believe in the healing power of Jesus.

During the whole month of December over the Christmas holidays and through New Years we have had lots of snow and it has been difficult to get out and about on several days. We've seen lots of family and visited Gunnar many times as he just lives up the street from us. During this time I've had the chance to lay hands on family members for several minor things and seen good results.

Of late, a young friend of mine (Mike) has had symptoms of diabetes. We prayed back in October and for a couple of weeks he had no symptoms (see here) and so we thought he was 100% healed, as reported in that blog. However, after a couple of weeks his symptoms returned. We prayed again, and for another week he had no symptoms again, then they returned again. Next, he had a friend of mine pray with him over chat on Facebook, and, yes, once again, the symptoms disappeared for over a week and yet returned again. He returned to chat a 2nd time and saw the symptoms disappear once again for a week. (Noticing a pattern here? Yeah, me too.) Then, one night a couple of weeks ago, when my Bible study was cancelled I asked him to come on over to the house anyways and we would pray again. This time when I laid hands on him I felt tingling in my fingers (I very rarely feel anything at all), and he felt something move around on the inside of him, in an appropriate location (pancreas area). Once again, his symptoms completely disappeared for more than a week. But now, his symptoms have returned again! So, this time I told him we were going to have to hit it until he felt 100% like it was gone, ever how long we had to stay and pray. He agreed. So we are scheduling a meeting time to do just that.

I've seen similar symptoms of, say, a backache return on someone when at first they seem healed (though not 100% healed), however, in all those cases I've been involved with, when the victim returns for prayer I always ask them, "Are the symptoms identical to the ones you had before?" and so far, 100% of the time the answer has been, "No, not entirely." The symptoms are in a different location, or feel very different. What this has meant to me in the past is they actually got a partial healing of their problem, and the part that didn't get healed was still there and caused problems again. But in each case multiple prayers has eventually gotten them 100% healed with no symptoms returning.

Also during December, my cousin (John) called me and said he had lower back pain with a very painful sciatic nerve shooting through his buttock and down his leg. I went to his office after work one day and laid hands on him for this pain. His lower back got pretty warm and he felt the sharp edge of the pain leave him. When I left, he no longer had the sciatic-nerve pain, and could walk without limping. We just believed Jesus would continue the work begun. Praise Jesus!

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