Tuesday, December 1, 2009

30-Nov-2009 (Mon) - Spot On Scalp Nearly Gone

Back on Wednesday (11-Nov-2009), my mom (Janice) [see pic of my mom left] had asked us to pray for a skin lesion on her scalp. The lumpiness of it disappeared in a matter of seconds when we prayed then, but the discoloration and consistency of it was still there. But my mom called me this morning while I was at work and said she couldn't find it with her fingers any more. This evening, my Aunt Kathy bought everybody pizza and so I went over to my mom's to eat after work. While there we all looked at her scalp and we found the spot but it was nearly gone. She's excited about her doctor's appointment (10-Dec-2009), because it is then she is supposed to have it removed.

Thank you Father for loving my mom.

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