Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Infections, Wheezing & Pains From Surgery

Our Friend Becky
Saturday (23-Apr-2011) I learned that one of my wife's (TammyM) friends (Becky; see pic left) had to have emergency surgery due to a severely infected appendix. She started having pain and getting sick at her stomach and her family took her to the emergency room where they immediately admitted her and performed an emergency appendectomy. She was in recovery Saturday, but her white-blood-cell count was up and she was still in some pain. Me, my wife and one of my daughters (Kayla) went to visit her in her room. My wife fixed her hair and put some makeup on her while we all small-talked. Becky is a strong believer and has seen the Lord work in her life to perform miracles for many people. She asked for prayer and agreement that her infection would die and she would be free from pain. So we all laid hands on her and commanded pain to leave and infection to die. She felt some soreness leave immediately. The next day, after some tests, she was released to go home feeling much better. Amen!

Jennifer & Her Family
Later that evening I also learned that my sister's (Jennifer) husband's (Jimmy) dad (Big Jim) had just had surgery for a bad rotator cuff. (See pic right of Little Jimmy and his family) He had been in severe pain for several days. His surgery went well, but he was in a lot of pain. Also, while there, he picked up pneumonia and was wheezing pretty bad. He went back to the doctor who prescribed something for the pneumonia. Big Jim was raised in church and is a very sweet man. He was my late dad's very good friend and was present when my dad went home to Jesus. But, being raised in a Baptist church, he's been extremely schooled in many beliefs against healing. Me and Jimmy went to see him at home and before laying hands on him I discussed Jesus with him for a while. I gave him a testimony about healing and he said, "Well, maybe we need to go where that guy was because I don't think the Lord heals that fast around here." Of course, he said that partially jesting with a smile on his face. I asked him if he thought Jesus is the only One that truly represented Father God perfectly. He answered, "Yes, of course." I told him Jesus is the one that said we could do His works, and He never healed slowly. He had to agree. So, I laid hands on his shoulder and after feeling heat in the 3 holes he had in his shoulder from surgery, he said the pain went from about 8 to about 4 or 5. Amen! Then I commanded his lungs to clear and immediately told him to take a deep breath. He did and his eyes widened. He said, "Now the Lord is definitely doing something in my lungs. I'm not wheezing like I was." He took several deep breaths easily and couldn't make himself wheeze anymore.

Thank You, Father God, for your steadfast kindness toward us. I love You.

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