Friday, April 15, 2011

15-Apr-2011 (Fri) - Jesus At Hooters & 2 Backs Touched

Picture got your attention, didn't it?! LOL... Just the other day, I was in a restaurant (Hooters) with my daughters' dance team and my wife and all the parents. I felt a little ashamed to even walk in the place for obvious reasons but it was the only restaurant open at that late hour after my daughter's performance at the Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach. I really felt the waitresses were totally being taken advantage of in a very disgraceful way. But while I was sitting there, one of the young dancers (about 15 years old) complained she had hurt her back in the last performance. It was really hurting her. I felt ashamed to be in the restaurant, inadequate, unprepared, etc. But I just thought... "That ought not to be for one so young!" And I simply said, "C'mere a second." She said, "What're you gonna do?" I said, "Just come here." On her way to walking to me, her back started heating up and tingling! I didn't even get to pray or lay my hands on her before Jesus started healing her. Her pain was removed.

Jesus is always the same even when we aren't. He heals in all situations and in every atmosphere. There is no atmosphere or human idea or emotion that can stop Him. We do not have to have the "right atmosphere" for Him to move. He's not offended by people, places or things. He works everywhere and with anybody and in any situation. Amen! So stop trying to "get the right atmosphere for God to move"! This is silly religious stuff and has nothing to do with the truth. God has ALREADY moved... it is now OUR move.

Yesterday (Thursday, 14-Apr-2011), I was in Georgia on business and one of my coworkers at a company down there was having back issues (he had a cane). Here's how I approached him. I said, "Hey, Joel, what's with the cane, buddy?" He said, "Well, I've hurt my back or something. Having to use the cane occasionally to get around as the pain shoots down my leg at times." I said, "Wow, man, I'm really sorry. Listen, I don't know what you believe, but I have something to ask you." He said, "What is it?" I said, "Well, I've had a bit of success at getting folks healed of back problems. It's a very casual thing. I just lay my hands on you and pray and we'll see what happens? If nothing happens, well, there is no harm done, right? And if something does, you could be out of pain. What do you think?" He said, "OK, sure. That sounds OK. Give it a try. It couldn't hurt." So I did; I commanded his back to be healed in  the name of Jesus. Then I checked, "Do you feel anything? Like heat or tingling or anything?" He said, "Well, I don't feel heat or tingling, no. But I do feel something. It is hard to describe." I said, "That's OK. Something is usually a good sign." He checked it a little and said it felt a little better. I said, "A little better is good, right?" He smiled and said, "Sure." Then he kinda looked up and just simply said, "Thanks." He was visibly moved by the love I showed him and not so much by the feeling in his back.

Jesus touches the whole man, body, soul & spirit. Joel felt both God's power in his own body and the love of God demonstrated in a simple act of praying casually for his pain. I told him we can do it again next time I came down, just in case he's not all the way better.

He thought that was a very nice gesture. Amen!

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