Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30-Apr-2011 (Sat) - Wrist Cyst Healed

My Mom
Saturday, 30-Apr-2011, after working in the yard all day, I had settled down on the couch in anticipation of the upcoming NHL playoff hockey game between the Nashville Predators and the Vancouver Canucks. My wife and daughters were in town and I was by myself. My cell phone rang and my mom (Janice; see pic right) was on the other end. She said she had a cyst come up on her right wrist a few days ago and it had gotten worse. It was now at the point that it was throbbing painful and she could not bend it without sharp pain. She asked if her and Amelia (my niece) could come over and if I could lay hands on it. Of course! We should be instant in season and out (2Timothy 4:2).

She just lives about 7 miles up the road, so she was here in a flash. She came in and sat down on the couch with me and demonstrated her pain. I could see the swollen portion. OK, let's do this. I commanded healing and told the cyst to leave and that Jesus had bore all her pain. Nothing. Commanded again. Nothing. Did this about half-a-dozen times... still nothing. But rather than get discouraged, as I could see my mom's face getting that way, it occurred to me something I've been meditating on lately. If you ever read the Bible much, one thing that strikes you as a huge difference between the Old and New Testaments is the epic feel you get about God the Father in the Old Testament. I mean, it is like God is B-I-G in the Old Testament; what with epic battles and the rise and fall of nations. I noticed David did not ever settle for a partial victory. After soundly defeating his enemies, he would even chase them. And when they regrouped, he would pursue, besiege, and run them completely out of the country or annihilate them. Of course, these things are types and shadows of our battles in the Kingdom of God. What God had given David was land, and he didn't rest until all enemies were banished from what God had given him. Likewise, my heart was encouraged by these thoughts. I thought, what God has given my mom (healing), I would not rest until the cyst was banished. I thought the God of the Old Testament, the BIG One, was the One Jesus worshiped; the One that worked so effectively through Him.

With this, I talked to the cyst and told it these things. I told the cyst I was here to stay and I was not going to stop until it moved. This time I put my hand on mom's shoulder because I didn't want the heat from my hands to heat up her wrist and give a possibly false indication of progress. I was so encouraged by David's example, that I felt my confidence soar. I commanded the cyst to be removed and for some reason I said, "I command veins to be healed right now!" Then I told my mom she was probably feeling something now. She was. She felt heat and cold surge and then a tingling started in her wrist and ran up her arm for about 3 or 4 minutes all while my hand was merely on her shoulder.

When she tested it, pain was reduced, she said, by 99%! Praise Him! She could no longer make it get the sharp pain she had before and there was now no longer any throbbing. Amen! She said, "I know we were connected to God. I know that what He started right here He will finish." Amen again!

I didn't get to talk to her until this morning (03-May-2011, Tuesday). She called me at work very excited and praising the Lord. She said she woke up this morning and her wrist was 100% healed; no pain, no swelling, nothing!

Thank You, Jesus, that you have provided for us and you are always willing for us to have the things you provided for us. Thank You, Jesus, that we have a divinely-given right to physical healing just like David had a divinely-given right to the Promised Land!

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