Friday, February 11, 2011

11-Feb-2011 (Fri) - Fever Reduced & Hernia Swelling Down

Tuesday (08-Feb-2011) my daughter (Kimberly) took my grandson (Gunnar; see pic left) to the doctor for his shots. Needless to say, it made him mad. It especially was hard on Kimberly because she's a new mommy and she had to leave Gunnar with my wife (TammyM) while she went on to work from there. It was a hard day with Gunnar a very unhappy little boy with sore legs (where the shots were given) and the fact that he started running a fever (an expected result from the shots). But the worse part by far was the doctor told Kimberly that little Gunnar had a hernia in his groin area. Nothing serious, but may warrant surgery later. This broke Kimberly's heart. My wife called me at work to let me know. I told her not to worry, that when I got home from work, and Grant (Gunnar's dad) got home from work, we would gather around Gunnar and lay hands on him.

I wanted to wait for his dad because I believe in respecting the divine authority laid out in scripture. In fact, I don't believe we should really pray for a child unless the parents (or guardians) give permission and are present. I just think it is a good practice because in the Bible we see parents coming to Jesus on their child's behalf and Jesus healing the child in every case through the parent's request and/or faith (see Mark 7:25-30; 9:17-27; Luke 8:41-56; etc).

So, when Grant got home, we all gathered around Gunnar. We measured his temperature to be 101.8°F and his hernia was visibly swollen. I explained to Grant & a teary-eyed Kimberly it is now time for them to understand that they are in divine authority over Gunnar and they have been granted this by Father. They have a say what can and cannot happen to Gunnar. I exhorted them to take a stand against the fever and the hernia. I gave them the above scriptural examples and also explained to them Kimberly's healing as a little infant and what it meant to me & my wife (see here for that testimony). I'm sure it took on a newer meaning to Kimberly because she was now the mom and it cannot be explained to anyone how much a mommy loves their children without even trying.

We laid our hands on Gunnar and I did what Jesus did to a fever in Luke 4:39; I rebuked it with Gunnar's parents' and my wife's agreement. Then we commanded the hernia to be healed, in Jesus' Name.

After about 5 minutes we could tell his temperature dropped so we measured it again; 100.1°F! Wow, 1.7°F in about 5 minutes! We waited about another 5 minutes and measured again; 99.5°F, still dropping. Yes!

Then it was time to change his diaper. When my wife took his diaper off she exclaimed, "Oh wow! Kimberly, come and look! The swelling has gone way down!"

Thank You, Jesus, again, for your wonderful faithfulness!

We checked him the next day, his fever was gone, and there was no noticeable swelling.

Kimberly takes him back to the doctor next Tuesday for a consultation regarding surgery for the hernia. I'm sure she will get them to check him again to see if it is completely gone or not.

I can't wait. :)

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