Friday, March 19, 2010

19-Mar-2010 (Fri) - Skeptic Feels Jesus; Unexpected Encounter

Yesterday (Thu, 18-Mar-2010), I took my normal business trip (by car, 5hrs there, work a while, 5hrs back). One of my business friends, whom I've known for some time, is basically an unbeliever. He was raised being exposed to pentecostal beliefs and people, but became offended by all of it and became a skeptic. He is a very sweet man and very genuine, a good friend. One month ago, when I visited on my regular trip, he had injured his back exercising, and he was in quite a bit of pain. I offered to lay my hands on him telling him, "I believe if I do this, Jesus will heal your back and relieve you of your pain right away." He basically replied with something like, "If you are going to lay your hands on me like my grandmother would, then I'm going to vigorously decline." I reminded him that he knew me and made him this offer: "If I lay hands on you and nothing happens, you can make fun of me. If I lay hands on you and something does happen, you will be out of pain. It is a win-win situation for you!" This seemed to tickle him, and he responded something like: "I admire your boldness and I know you are sincere. So, if I'm not better by the next time you visit, I'll take you up on your offer."

So, on my trip yesterday he specifically asked me to make sure I dropped by his office before leaving. I did. He then asked me to go ahead and try it. I laid my hands on him and very quietly and casually commanded his back to be made well. I could feel his back heating up in one spot. "Do you feel that?" He did. I asked him to test it. He did. "Does it feel any better?" He said, "Do I have to commit?" LOL! I said, "No, just asking if it got any better." He said, "I'll have to admit that it doesn't hurt like it did. Something has changed, but I'll let you know." I'll take that! I could tell he was dealing with the reality of it all. Go Jesus!

Next, I had made a friend on a forum a couple of weeks ago, and he had mentioned he was praying with an elderly lady (Doris) from a certain town in Georgia. I mentioned that I drive right through there every 2 weeks. So he asked me if I would mind laying hands on her and praying with her. I contacted Doris, and she agreed to meet me at a McDonalds in that town. So, yesterday (Thu, 18-Mar-2010), I met her on my way home. She brought a friend (Cindy) who was a little older than me as well and who also needed prayer. We talked about 30 minutes about Jesus and healing.

Cindy had been to a healing/deliverance facility and had been given by the minister there things that she needed to do in order to get healed and delivered, but she had done everything that minister told her to do and was none better. So I told Cindy if we could get in a time machine and go back 2000 years ago and stand in the crowd listening to Jesus, that Jesus would've just healed her and not given her a list of things to do because He never did that as shown in any scripture in the New Testament. I could tell this really touched her heart. She was suffering from depression and neck and spine issues. I laid hands on her and commanded her spine to be healed and depression to leave. Her neck and shoulders got very warm; she could feel it. Before I left, she had much relief from pain and stiffness. In fact I asked her to try to find the pain (she had shown me how if she pressed on a certain area it was extremely painful). She couldn't find it! Wonderful Jesus! This really surprised her and I could tell her heart was lifted. She was smiling and even gave me a hug.

Doris was suffering from diabetes and a lower back problem. Her back hurt her if she stood too long (several minutes). She also said she had psoriasis (very itchy skin rash). I laid hands on her back and it got warm in one spot down low. We couldn't really test it because it requires her standing a long time, so she said she'd let me know. I told her to go home and stand in front of the sink and wash the dishes (she'd mentioned that was when it hurt). She said she would. Then I took her hands and commanded psoriasis to leave her body and never come back. She felt a little sensation, she said. Then I commanded diabetes to depart her body and for all insulin levels to return to normal (the night before her sugar had been 400+!). Suddenly she felt very cold all over! She was so cold her teeth were chattering. I've never heard that before, but it made sense that it was all over her body. Of course, there was no way to test her sugar level at that moment, but she certainly felt something. She said she'd let me know about that as well. I'm sure Jesus was at work healing her body.

Praise Him for His always wonderful faithfulness and work!

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