Monday, January 13, 2014

Faith of a Child

The week after Christmas, I was at my daughter's (Kayla's) dance studio helping move some stuff from a room she was no longer going to use. I was off work that week and several other people were helping, mostly Kayla's husband, John and some dance moms. One of the dance moms, whom I know pretty well and who also cooks at a local deli, was limping around in the kitchen helping all she could. She was obviously in pain. I had prayed for her daughter one time at a clogging competition when she had hurt her foot and was worried about competing with the pain. Her daughter was healed in a few seconds at the competition when I laid hands on her. So now her daughter told her to let me pray for her back.

So I planned on doing it when we got to a good stopping point.

As we were all finishing up and folks were leaving the studio I caught her in the office. "You seem to be in a lot of pain tonight. What is going on with you?", I asked. "My back is killing me. I'll probably have to go to the doctor. But I've been putting that off because I really don't have the money or very good insurance." Her daughter was standing beside her. "Mom, let Mr. Kiser lay hands on you. Remember what happened when he prayed for my foot?!" She smiled and said she did remember that. I told her that it was not a special gift that I had but that all believers, when they realize Jesus hasn't changed and cares for their health, can do what I do. "It just takes the smallest amount of faith; mustard-seed sized.", I said. So, she consented saying she could use all the prayer I could muster. LOL

I asked her where it hurt and she said in the small of her back and around her kidneys. She didn't know if it was her spine or a kidney infection or something else. As soon as I placed my hand just above the small of her back I felt a tremendous amount of heat. I asked, "Feel that?" She started waving her hand in front of her face. "Shew! I'm burning up all over!" I told her that was a sign that God was working all over her body. I've learned from experience if the entire body gets hot it is usually an infection. But there was definitely a local hot spot on her spine as well. I said, "Put your hand around here and feel this!" She did, and she was amazed at the heat coming off of her back. Her daughter wanted to feel it to, so she did. "Wow, mom, you're burning up!"

I kept my hand on her for a good 5 solid minutes and the heat did not diminish. Finally after a few minutes more she started to cool off. I took my hand away and asked her to move around and do something that would cause her pain before. She bent over, moved her back around, leaned back, all to her amazement without pain!

Needless to say she was pretty amazed. Her daughter just said, "I told you so! I told you when this thing started to let Mr. Kiser lay hands on you!"

The faith of a child for the parent is powerful indeed. It is just like the faith the friends had for their friend when they brought him to Jesus and had to lower him through the roof. Jesus "saw their [the friends'] faith ...", He healed him (Matthew 9:2; Mark 2:5; Luke 5:20).

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