Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Abdominal Pain & Knee-swelling Gone

For quite some time now, my oldest daughter, Kimberly, has been struggling with pain in her abdomen. She's gone to several doctors and even had a surgery performed to see if there was any scar tissue or cysts or possible endometriosis. She's taken countless medications in hopes of relieving the pain all to no avail. She was to return to work after surgery but was still suffering pain. So I received the text message from her as shown at the right while I was at work. I went over to her house and laid hands on her. At first I felt a hot spot near her right kidney, but not much was happening. So I began to talk about some of the experiences I'd had in hopes of building up our faith together and encouraging ourselves in the Lord like King David did:

"David was now in great danger because all his men were very bitter about losing their sons and daughters, and they began to talk of stoning him. But David found strength in the LORD his God." (1Samuel 30:6).

Next I tried a particularly successful technique I learned from listening to Curry Blake's teaching on getting folks healed. He described the power of God flowing out of us like a river as Jesus said:

"Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, 'Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.'"(John 7:38)

Curry taught that when we touch a person suffering from sickness, we want that river to flow from God through us to them, however, like a river, we don't want it to "bounce back" but rather stay and do its work. Strange description, yes, but I found it to actually work better in some instances when nothing much seems to be apparently going on. So, with my hands not touching Kimberly, I commanded her body to be made well and then touched her back suddenly, held them there for a second or two, and then removed them quickly and immediately asked, "Do you feel anything?". Strangely, I felt that hot spot turn cold immediately. Kimberly said, "Yes, I do this time. It feels like someone put Icy Hot in my body." That sensation continued for several minutes as we talked more about some experiences I had seen with other people.

She felt "different" she said. I had related an experience I had at getting a young guy's knees healed and she said, "While we're at it, how about praying for my knees?" I learned that where she stands on her feet all day doing her job, that the backs of her knees swell and Grant, her husband, usually massages them to make them feel better after work. I used the same technique on her knees and she felt the same "Icy Hot" feeling through her knees. A few minutes later we check the swelling and it was completely gone in her left leg and about 90% gone in her right!

Notice the text message I received this morning. Praise Jesus. He loves my daughter. "No pain this morning"! Jesus is real.

When there are no apparent results, keep pushing. Again, remember, the Holy Spirit is with you and He's done all this before. Every person that has ever been healed, He was there doing it. So, persist. If nothing is apparently happening, keep pushing, asking, believing... all while quietly relaxing that Jesus is the Healer and wants us all well every time.


  1. Hi Greg,
    I stumbled upon your blog while doing a google search. I was reading about a woman you prayed for who had Crohns, and she was healed.
    My son is 15 years old and has suffered terribly for 3 years with Crohns, and has not responded to any treatment. He has been confined to bed this whole time, had delayed growth, anemia, many hospitalizations, etc.
    He loves God and we believe God will heal him, even as desperate as things are right now.
    I would be so grateful if you would pray for him or with us. His name is Carson.
    Thank you so much.
    Bryn (sellers5@comcast.net)

    1. Hi Bryn, let's pray now. Father, thank You for what you have already provided to Carson through Your Son Jesus Christ. I thank You, Father, that you want Carson healed even more than we do. So, right now, in Jesus' Name, we Bryn and I agree together according to Your Word, that where any two shall agree concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done by You, Father. Jesus said we could speak to the mountain and it would obey us. Right now Bryn and I agree for Carson's healing and we command Crohn's disease to leave Carson NOW.

      Bryn, put your hand on Carson because our Savior said we should lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. With the authority that Jesus has given you as a son or daughter of God, command Crohn's to leave Carson's body. It shall be done. We call it done.

      Now I encourage you to stand. Also you might go to "Faith For Healing in Jesus' Name!" on Facebook, click on the live chat and have someone pray with you and Carson together.

      I believe it is done... right NOW as you read these words out loud to Carson. Crohn's leave now. Carson will probably feel something happening even now.


  2. Hi Greg ,
    My name Mizline I am eleven and I have diabetes. I had diabetes since I was 4 and the doctor tells me that one day I might have kindey and liver failure and I don't want that to happen. I really love God and I really believe he can heal me from this disease

    1. Hi Mizline, even children like yourself have power over all the power of the devil. The apostle Peter said that all the people Jesus healed were "oppressed by the devil" (Acts 10:38). It is he who afflicts the sick. Diabetes is not from God. It kills, steals and destroys which is something your Father God does not do (John 10:10). So, place your hands on your body and pray this with me out loud:

      Father, I thank you that you want Mizline well and healed from diabetes. I command Mizline's pancreas to function normally and I command Mizline's kidney's to function normally and I command Mizline's liver to function normally RIGHT NOW in Jesus' Name.

      Now, most of the time you will feel something happening in your body. Check and see! If not, do it again and again. Even better is to find believers near you that believe Jesus heals and have them lay hands on you themselves. Or a pastor that believes in healing and have him anoint you with oil in the name of Jesus. Jesus wants you well.

  3. Hi Greg, I came across your blog while looking at faith healing. This particular post about abdominal pain made me think because I've been having lower abdominal pain and back ache.. I've just had an ultrasound done and the tech who was doing it looked very concerned. I was really nervous and prayed to God to heal me from whatever it was. If you have the time, can you pray for me as well? I'm 29 and don't have kids yet. I don't want anything affecting my reproductive system that will prevent me from having kids and living a life for God. Thank you so much! you can contact me at doniacosmos101@gmail.com

    1. I believe Jesus (the Anointed One; the Healer; the One of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) is here with me and there with you right now. Put your hand on your lower abdomen right now and let's pray...

      Father, I thank You for Jesus. I thank You that it is Your will that doniacosmos101 is healed. I thank You Jesus that you want them well even more than me or even more than they themselves. I thank You for your promises and the work you did to make healing available to anyone who believes. Based on the authority of Your words, I command this abdominal pain to leave doniacosmos101's body immediately. Right now! I command you to go.

      You probably feel something happening in your body. Usually this manifests itself as a tingling, a warmth, a cold or a movement sensation. If you do not feel something going on, you probably sense a great peace from Father God, or a lightness. Don't be afraid to read that prayer again and again. I agree with you as your brother in Christ that this malady must leave your body.