Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Mustard-Seed-Sized Faith

Got a call from a friend of mine, "I can't take it anymore. I can't live like this. I can't live with this kind of pain. Something has to give. Can you pray for me, man?" I asked, "What's hurting?" He answered, "I've had blood in my bowels for a long while now, and I've had a constant headache for weeks. I can't take this pain." I asked, "How about your back?" (I had prayed some time ago for chronic back pain he'd had for years and Jesus had completely healed him). "Oh, no, no, no, that's great. My back hasn't hurt since you laid hands on me. That's healed for sure. But I believe if you'll pray for me right now, I'll be healed of this as well. I gotta have something..." His voice had despair. "OK, let's pray..." I took a deep breath, thought about Jesus, and began to thank Him for the grace and mercy for me and my friend and His desire to heal him. Then I commanded bleeding to stop and pressure to go away in his head. I asked, "Feel anything?" "Nothing." So, I did it again. "How about now?" "No, nothing. Still hurts." So, I did it again. "Anything?" "Nope. Nothing at all. But I feel lighter in heart." BAM! I said, "That's it. That's His presence. He's healing you." "OK, thanks friend. I love you." "I love you too. Please let me know..."

The next morning I was making breakfast for me & my wife, and I got a call. It was him; he was crying. "I just wanted to call you this morning and thank you for last night. About 10 seconds after we hung up, the pain in my head began to disappear and in just a few minutes was totally gone. No pain this morning at all either." Awesome Jesus. "How about the other?" "Don't know yet."

Later that day, I got a text message: "The bleeding has stopped! Praise the Lord! I love you man! Thanks for praying for me!"

The normal mode of healing the sick is laying hands on them. But when someone has a mustard-seed-sized faith, like my friend showed in calling me and saying, "I believe if you'll pray..." then we should meet them at exactly that point. It is powerful. Jesus, when He saw the faith of friends, healed a man. He didn't waste any time; the faith was there already. Jesus didn't have to use His faith for the man; the friends had it. In another place, Paul noticed a man who had faith to be healed, so Paul commanded him to walk.

Faith must be there for a connection to God's Life to flow. All that is required is someone present have merely a mustard-seed-sized amount. You can see that amount easily if the sick person looks to you for healing, or if they ask for prayer, or even if they just moderately agree when you ask to pray... that's all it takes to plug into God's power. I've seen atheists get healed by merely agreeing to let me pray for them! This is how you can get not only atheists healed, but even wrong-faithed religions as well; like followers of Islam, Buddha, cults, Wican, etc... it doesn't matter. When a mustard-seed-sized amount of faith is present, this makes that person a "believer" right then. I'm not saying they've dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, but at that point they have a very small amount of faith that it just might be possible for them to get healed.

And that is all it takes. We turn to God just the tiniest amount, and like the Prodigal son's father, God bounds down the road to us to meet us! He can't help it... He is predisposed to show us favor!

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