Monday, February 27, 2012

Knee, Back & Throat Doctor

Knee Specialist
Hannah & Brandon
There's not a profession that goes by that name, but you can't name a part of the body of which Jesus is not the Specialist. Shortly after playing her last high-school basketball game for the Lady Crusaders, Hannah, my niece, was complaining about her knee again. It had swollen up, as it usually does since being injured, and was painful to walk on. In fact, right after the game she couldn't put any weight on it at all without cringing. The next day, it was still swollen and painful at my mom's where we all had gathered to practice one last time before the show, Saturday (25-Feb-2012). I don't know who it was, but someone yelled at me from the living room and said, "Greg, get in here and pray for Hannah!" So I did.

Hannah showed me its "squooshiness" and demonstrated the pain. After getting a good measure of where we were, me & my oldest sister, TammyC, laid hands on her knee and commanded its healing. Nothing much happened. Again... nothing much. A third time... nothing much. Hmmm... OK, left my hands on there quite a while and commanded again. This time she felt something move. The pain shifted from under her kneecap to the side of her knee. Strange. I then remembered something I'd heard Curry Blake say about localized pain moving around when you pray. He said when this happens he immediately goes for a "spirit of infirmity." Made sense. So, this time I pointed to the knee and said, "You spirit of infirmity, I command you, in Jesus Name, to leave Hannah's body, right now." Hannah immediately let out a little squeal in pain. "What's wrong?" I asked. She said, "As soon as you said that my entire knee started hurting really bad." But in about 5 seconds it stopped and then when she checked it, there was no pain whatsoever! Weird!

It was still swollen, so I laid hands on it and commanded the swelling to dissipate. After about 5 minutes or so, there was no swelling! She showed us how she could jump around on her knee and how it now looked like her other knee.

I have to chalk this up to my first very apparent lesson and encounter with a spirit of infirmity, even though, I'm not sure what to think about it.

Back Specialist
TammyC & Karahann
After that, my oldest sister said, "While we're at it, my back has been hurting me. Let's let Jesus work on it too." Excellent. Jesus loves to heal. It is a normal expression of His presence. I asked, "Where?" She said, "You tell me." This was actually a challenge... LOL. OK, that's easy, when I lay hands on her back, the part that Jesus will work on will normally get very warm, and in some cases, hot. So, I put my hands on her back and thanked Jesus for healing, and commanded it to be healed. Then I moved my hands around until I found the hot spot. "Middle of the back, right there," and I pointed to the particular vertebra that was getting hot. "Yep, that's the very spot." Jesus knows. This stuff is real.

Her back stayed hot a good 20 minutes on its own. It even cooled down once and started up again. She said it was like a heating pad. Afterward, she couldn't make it hurt. And the next day she said her back was sore. I guessed it was because after the adjustment Jesus made on it, the muscles had to readjust.

Throat Specialist
After the show Saturday night (25-Feb-2012), TammyC had to come back by my house and drop the big "dog-house" bass off. One of her friends, Billie, who is like a member of our family, was with her. After unloading the instrument and some conversation, TammyC said, "Hey, Billie's throat is really sore, can you pray for her before we go?" Sure! She said only one side was very painful when she swallowed. After laying hands on her throat for about 10 minutes, finally she felt relief begin to happen. We got her glasses of water so she could keep testing it. She said, "Now I have to go to the bathroom." LOL! Before she left, the soreness, she said, was gone by about 75%. I told her I believed it would continue to get better and be gone probably the next day.

The next day, while me and my family were at the aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN, (with my grandson, Gunnar), I got a text message from her that simply said, "95%!". Nice! And then about an hour after that another one that said, "100%!" 

Yep, Jesus continues to work even after we kickstart the healing and only see partial results.

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