Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Arthritis Can't Stay

My Mom
Last night (Tue, 21-Feb-2012), my family and I went to my mom's (Janice) house for music practice. Every year about this time, me and my siblings and our children get together and polish up on a few select songs that we will perform on local TV and at an annual event held in honor of my late dad (Leon Kiser). The event is called The Leon Kiser Memorial Tribute and it occurs annually in February each year after my dad's death. The show is to honor both living and dead folks who have locally contributed to the local mountain musical heritage (mostly bluegrass musicians).  All the proceeds from ticket sales go to a local college scholarship for some chosen individual in their Mountain Music program.

I was in the kitchen heating up some homemade potato soup for my youngest daughter, Kayla, who had arrived a bit late from work, when my mom approached me and said, "I need for you to pray for my finger." She showed me her left pointer finger, last knuckle, was very painful, and she couldn't bend it as far as her other pointer on her other hand. She held them up and showed me the difference.

So after the soup was hot and I had handed it off to Kayla, we sat at the bar. My youngest sister (Jennifer) and her oldest daughter (Hannah) were watching. I laid my hand on mom's finger and commanded arthritis to leave and pain to go and for the joint to be healed. Mom felt nothing. I felt a very slight tingle; almost unnoticeable. After a few minutes of just leaving my hand on her I asked her to test it. "Wow, look!" she said. She immediately could bend it all the way like her other finger! "Does it hurt any?" I asked. She said, "Well, yes, just a little when I bend it all the way." So, I laid my hand on her finger again. No words. Suddenly, the skin, and tendons began to slightly jitter. "Are you doing that?" I asked. "No!" Jennifer and Hannah were surprised! Hannah said, "Nana look at your hand! It's jittering all by itself." It was really funny!

When I removed my hand this time and she tested it, she could bend it all the way like her other finger and there was no pain. She immediately said, "Praise the Lord. He is so good to us." 

Amen. Jesus is amazing all the time. He is forever faithful and it doesn't matter whether you feel like praying or not, or whether you've had a bad day or not, or whether you've failed that day or not... He is still full of grace and kindness and His mercy is over all His works!

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