Monday, September 9, 2013

Jesus Loves Cloggers #2

A Cadence Competition Event
This weekend (07-Sep-2013) I helped score a clogging competition. I don't do the judging, just the tabulation of the judges' scoresheets. In other words, I just do the math. Actually I just program the Excel spreadsheets that do most of the math for me. The week before this competition I was at my daughter's studio (Kayla owns her own dance studio) and was working on the spreadsheets in her waiting room. Lot's of little cloggers and their mommy's were coming in and out. I overheard one mommy telling my wife that her daughter, who was supposed to be in the competition this weekend, that she had hurt her shoulder somehow jumping on a trampoline and that it had a painful knot in it and she couldn't raise her arm without considerable pain. She was concerned she might not be able do the arm movements required for her dances with her team. While this mommy was telling my wife this, my wife, Tammy, in her normal loving and caring way, began to rub the little girl's shoulder. I could see her wince in pain as my wife's thumb passed over the knot. After she finished talking to the mommy, my wife told the little girl to go over and

She came over and I simply took her little hands in mine and said, "Thank you, Jesus, for loving us and carrying our pains in Your own body. Now, knot, I'm speaking to you and I command you to leave right now." I held her hands a little longer and then I just said, "Do you feel that?" (As usual with me, I didn't feel anything but usually the person you're praying for does.) She said, "Yes. It is tingling..." then she paused, and her eyes widened... "...and getting hot!". I said, "Very nice. That means Jesus is touching it." I then let go of her hands after a few more seconds and I said, "Now see if it is still there." She reached her other arm around her neck and backwards and tried to find the knot. It was no longer there. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open and she said, "How'd you do that?!" I said, "It wasn't me. It was Jesus." But she didn't even hear me she was running over to her mom. "Mommy, Mr. Kiser made it go away!"

Her mom gave the normal acknowledging remark that you would give a little girl who believed in something that wasn't necessarily so but didn't want to hurt her feelings. I told the little girl, "Move your arms around like your clogging moves." She did and then looked back at her mom, "Mommy, it doesn't hurt." She kept trying to find the knot. Finally her mom tried to find the knot as well. Curiously, it was gone. She was quite intrigued. LOL!

All-in-all, Jesus cares about even the littlest of hurts of a little girl. He obviously wanted the little girl to be out of pain for her clogging competition. And, I must say, she did very well this weekend. Her and her team (my daughter's team) won with many of their dances! 

That's right, Jesus loves clogging! :)


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing, Greg. Nothing is too big or too small for Jesus. :-)

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