Monday, October 24, 2011

Unexpected Healings

Friday, 21-Oct-2011, me & most of my family sang at a revival at a little church (New Hope Church) in Jonesborough, TN. Some of us had a little trouble finding the church since it was located in a very rural area. On top of that, my younger sister, Jennifer, my mom, Janice, and one of my nieces, Hannah, had gone on a trip to Pigeon Forge and had gotten caught in some thick traffic on returning. They were going to be late. But at about 15 minutes before 7 o'clock, one of the preachers who was there (Harold), who was going to start the singing off, came over to me and asked me to go into the back with him to pray before the service. So, I did. Along the way I noticed he was limping.

I let him lead the prayer, just agreeing with him. After he was finished, I asked him if his ankle was hurting him. "Yes, brother, it is. I have arthritis in this ankle and I can't even bend it." So, I asked if I could pray and lay hands on him for his healing. He agreed. He was wearing an ankle-high boot, so I just placed my hands on his boot and commanded it to be healed in Jesus Name. Harold closed his eyes and prayed out loud with me agreeing with me and asking God to forgive his sins. I thanked Jesus for taking Harold's pain. After several seconds, I could feel his boot getting very warm on the outside! (This is a normal manifestation of Father's power). So I asked Harold if he felt anything. "Oh yes, brother! My foot is so hot I may have to take off my stinky boot!" We laughed together while Jesus continued to heal.

After quite a few minutes, keeping my hands on his ankle and chatting, I asked Harold if he would stand up and see if anything was different. He stood up and put weight on it and it popped and cracked out loud! He looked at me and exclaimed, "Did you hear that?" Well, yeah! He said, "It just popped loose!" and he began to rotate his foot without pain. He immediately raised his hands and thanked Jesus. Tears flowed. He hugged my neck and thanked me too.

We Harold and I returned to the congregation, it had filled up with folks. His singing partner was also there (Donna Sue). Now, Donna Sue is actually one of the cleaning ladies at NHC, the nursing home that takes care of my father-in-law, so I knew her pretty good. In fact, it was her that officially invited us to this church.

Donna Sue was sitting on the front pew and I sat on one side of her and Harold sat on the other. Harold was still a little teary-eyed from his ankle healing and he was still rotating it. Donna Sue noticed and asked about it. Harold told him I had laid hands on him and Jesus had broke his ankle loose and removed the pain. So I put my arm around Donna Sue and asked her if she was in pain. She said, "All the time and everywhere in my body." I wasn't sure if she was exaggerating, so I asked her what she meant. She said she had rheumatoid arthritis in all of her joints and they ached all the time. She said, "I was just telling Harold I have a knot on my right foot that is just killing me today." I offered to pray for her, and Harold witnessed to her what had just happened to him. He said, "Let him lay hands on you, Donna, Jesus seems to use him to heal." 

I laid my hands on her shoulders and commanded arthritis to leave her body and for her pain to leave. I commanded her joints to be healed and for them to return to normal. Donna Sue had her eyes closed but I noticed she was moved and her eyes became a little teary. I said, "You're feeling something, aren't you? I'll bet every joint in your body is getting hot right now." She opened her eyes and said, "Oh boy, you are so right! I am hot all over all of a sudden. I feel tingling in my joints and I'm so hot I may have to take off some clothes!" LOL! Of course, she was joking, but that is her personality... she is so full of life. She got up and put pressure on her foot (where the knot was)... She said, "Oh my goodness! It's gone!" Harold began to laugh, "I told you!" Donna Sue just looked at me in surprise. She said, "Wow, I'm not in pain and I feel really light-headed." She closed her eyes and cried and worshiped Jesus. Me and Harold joined her in worship.

The night of singing was very special to us all. We sang many songs and several acapella ones. We were all very moved by the sweetness of this little country church and the refreshing presence of God.

I found out later this church is a "Church of the Brethren" denomination. Yep, Jesus loves them too. :)


  1. Greg,

    Really appreciate each of these and want you to know that. Thanks, bro'


  2. Greg, though I'm opposed to FPism, I couldn't help but chuckle when you pointed out to Jason Bradfield that his site's tagline is: "Bringing Healing thru Knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" after Jason asked you not to turn every thread into a discussion about "healing". --

    Lastly, people need more than just "knowledge of the Gospel" (Clarkianism is intellectual more than it is spiritual). Propositionally and intellectually just knowing about the Gospel doesn't help people. The Gospel needs to be PREACHED to the nations. But maybe this is RCM's left over FPism talking. I mean, if they still think the Gospel has been preached to all the world, then maybe they all they have left it their "intellectual" message.

    The guys on RCM (Really Conceited Men) are hopelessly elitist and contradictory.

  3. Roderick_E, thanks for the comment. The "healing" tagline is what drew me to participating in the discussions on RCM. I had an e-mail exchange with Sam a year or so ago (though short). He had stated that there was a progressive healing taking place post-AD70. I took this up with him and stated I agreed and pointed to John 14:12 (any believer doing the works of Christ) as the MEANS by which progressive healing took place. At the time he expressed favorable (but moderate) interest. So the tagline of RCM is what got me.

    On their forum I asked Sam HOW he perceived this progression was taking place. His answer was that as we adhere to the obedience of God's laws, "blessings" would come. Of course my response was, "that sounds like law, what about the grace of God exhibited in Christ where I get the blessings of God based on CHRIST'S OBEDIENCE and not mine?" But, Jason labeled me a "hyper-healist" and has treated me as such since then. BTW, I'm not complaining... I imagine Jesus was a hyper-healist... hahaha.

    Anyways, you are probably correct. All that may be left is the intellectual message of the gospel. But for me, I'm more of a theology-meets-the-road kinda guy. Intellectualism "puffs up" as Paul says (1Cor 8:1), but love edifies (heals). It is almost like we're back in the Garden choosing between the Tree of Life VS the Tree of Knowledge.