Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kidney Infection, Odd Symptoms & Back Pain

Kidney Infection
Last week, my daughter, Kayla, came home with symptoms of a kidney infection. My wife, TammyM, took her to the little Med Center near us and had her tested. Sure enough. So, when I came home, we were all eating supper and she asked me to lay hands on her because of the pain. If you ever get the chance to lay hands on my youngest daughter, do so; she receives from Father God so easily!

I laid hands on her after supper and the left side lower back got a hot spot immediately. Then she said she felt cold surge through a few times. There was very little discomfort left after a few minutes and she went to bed and slept very well. She faithfully took her antibiotics and she was completely well in a couple of days. Notice, I did not say anything. I did this on purpose because the scripture says simply that believers would lay hands on the sick and the sick would recover. Jesus is amazing!

Odd Symptoms
I had a person I had never met contact me on Facebook because he found my name from a list of people who believed in healing. He asked to meet me since he lived so close by. We finally ended up meeting at lunchtime in a Food City parking lot near where I work. He (Jeremy) was a believer and even attended a church that believed in healing, but had had no success. Turns out he had suffered some form of skin cancer years ago and had been healed. This time he had swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen and odd symptoms of coughing. His cough, he said, was not right, and there was pressure in his chest.

I laid hands on him and commanded his healing in Jesus' Name and nothing happened that we could tell. His symptoms were so odd and immeasurable it was hard to test if anything noticeable had happened. I hate to leave folks with no indications because they are usually struggling in their faith that God heals in the first place. So I asked his permission to lay hands and command healing several more times. Finally, after about a dozen times of talking and doing this, he felt something change. I told him to just measure it over the next day or so and see if his symptom set changed and we'd get together again if necessary.

The next day he contacted me via text message and said his symptom set definitely changed! Wonderful Jesus. Even when we can't measure the progress, He is at work. He certainly wants to get together again for another "dose" of Jesus. Amen!

Back Pain
Jennifer & Our Mom
As a family we often get together and learn songs that we end up singing at churches around the area and other musical events. We're not accomplished musicians, but we won't hurt your ears most of the time. :) So, getting together with the family I discovered my younger sister, Jennifer, was having back pain. She couldn't get up and down from the couch without pain, nor get in and out of her car without trouble.

So after practice, I had her stand in the middle of the living room and was going to get everybody around her to lay hands on her and command her back to be healed. But before I could get everybody together, she felt God's power manifest in her back in the form of heat. This is so awesome that Jesus starts things while we think we're getting ready for Him. LOL! All He has ever needed in scripture is for folks to just move toward Him with a mere mustard-seed-sized faith (i.e. the smallest object Jesus could've held in His hand in that society). So, all we did was get near her and put our hands on her so we could feel the "fire of God" burn in her back. Awesome. After about 15 minutes of "burning" she walked over and sat on the couch and got back up without pain!

Awesome Jesus. I love it when He "jumps the gun" on us!

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