Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back Pain Instantly Gone

Local Fast Food
Yesterday, my wife (TammyM) and I went to see her dad (Bob) at the nursing home. When we came in he was at lunch and the lady serving him had put tarter sauce on his fish, which he hates. He loves fish, but hates tarter sauce. So my wife offered to get him a hot dog from Pal's, which is across the road. She wanted one with just mustard and Bob wanted one with chili and mustard and no onions. I set out on a hot dog mission.

Before I got out the door, however, I ran into one of the CNAs (Lisa) that I often speak to that works there. I asked her how she was doing and she replied, "Well, not too good." So I asked what's up? She said, "I hurt by back lifting and it is killing me right now." I said, "I'm headed out to Pal's, but before I go, can I pray for you?" She looked at me a little funny, but then agreed. "Sure, that would be nice." I took her to the side out of the way, laid hands on her, thanked Father He was the same and loved Lisa and bore her pain. Then I commanded her back to be healed. She sat there with her eyes closed while my hand was on her shoulder. I asked, "Do you feel that?" I assumed she was feeling something just simply because that's the normal thing Jesus does. I didn't know it was happening, just figured the odds have it. LOL!

She said, "My spine is getting hot." Then she opened her eyes and I could tell she was in amazement. I explained, "This is just what Jesus does. He loves us, and since we are believers, this shouldn't be unusual, but, sadly, it is. That heat you are feeling means we are connected to God and He is healing your back. Can you tell a change yet?" Her back was not merely warm, it was literally hot! She said, "There is no pain! I'm not kidding, there is no pain at all." She moved her back and arms around. I could see a little welling up of tears. She was looking sideways at me in amazement still, so I hugged her. Once again she said, "There really is no pain. This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you." It was very sincere.

I left the scene, and Bob and my wife loved their hot dogs. :)

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