Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lungs Healed & Strength to Quit Smoking

Last week on my visit to NHC nursing home to visit my father-in-law (Bobby) I was talking to one of the fellows that works for NHC maintenance (Ronnie) and he told me about trying to quit smoking. He wasn't having much luck but he figured he'd better because lately he's been finding it hard to breathe. I asked him, "Are you having trouble breathing right now?" He said he was. I said, "Well, Ronnie, I don't know what you believe, but do you mind if I just lay my hands on you and pray for you?" He said he believed God would help him and agreed it would be great. So I pulled him over out of the way of the hall, put my hand on his shoulder and said, "In the Name of Jesus I command Ronnie's breathing to be healed right now." Then I immediately told him to take a deep breath. He did and his eyes got big and he smiled and said, "Wow. I'm not kidding. I can breath easy again!" That fast! I kept my hand on his shoulder and then said, "Father, give Ronnie strength to quit smoking and power to overcome the desire." Then I told Ronnie that I believed he would continue to get stronger and stronger as the Lord worked in his body and mind. He thanked me and agreed.

Two days ago, I was there visiting Bobby again, and Ronnie came up to me in the hall, grabbed my arm and said, "I just wanted you to know that ever since we prayed that day I've been able to breath normally. Also, this is the 5th day since I've had a cigarette. It was hard at first but I decided to use the patch. So, I've got a patch on, and I have no desire to smoke. I've emptied all my ashtrays and cleaned out my car. It smells a lot better!" LOL... bless his heart, Lord!

Jesus will heal you even if you are the very cause of your physical problem. He will also help you to keep from causing it again in the future. His mercy and grace are for all forms of deliverance... including a life-long habit of smoking. And Jesus and "the patch" are on the same team, BTW. Amen!

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